Introduction to Five-Year Plans

The Five-Year Plan is a long-term program at the heart of China's national economic planning.

The aim is to provide a detailed plan for major construction projects, distribution of productive forces, and proportional development of national economy, as well as to set an orientation for the future development of the country. Since the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949, nine five-year plans have been worked out, starting from 1953 (From October 1949 through the end of 1952 and from 1963 through 1965, China experienced economic recovery and readjustment). They are:
Ninth Five-Year Plan (1996-2000)
Eighth Five-Year Plan (1991-1995)
Seventh Five-Year Plan (1986-1990)
Sixth Five-Year Plan (1981-1985)
Fifth Five-Year Plan (1976-1980)
Fourth Five-Year Plan (1971-1975)
Third Five-Year Plan (1966-1970)
Second Five-year Plan (1958-1962)
First Five-Year Plan (1953-1957)