China Witnessed Rapid Media Development

During the ninth Five-Year Plan period (1996-2000), China has witnessed rapid media development, with more than 90 percent of Chinese population could enjoy radio programs, while over 92 percent of people have access to TV programs.

Statistics from the State Development Planning Commission show that by the end of 1999, China boasted of 2,038 kinds of newspapers, 298 radio broadcasting stations, and some 368 TV stations.

In a bid to take full advantage of news resources, China has established 15 newspaper groups, including the Guangming Daily Group, the Economic Daily Group and the Wenhui-Xinmin Group, which run themselves under the market principle.

Besides, China has set up and further developed the five major state-controlled websites.

Statistics show that China now has more than 1,300 museums, which sponsors more than 5,000 exhibitions annually and host over 100 million visitors each year.

During the 1996-1999 period, some 590,000 kinds of books were published in China, with total volume surpassing 29 billion.

Currently, China boasts of 527 publishing houses and more than 130 CD production lines.

Besides, China has over 2,700 libraries at or above the county level, with a total collection of 385 million, which hosts 170 million visitors each year.

(People's Daily 10/08/2000)