- China Tightens Nuclear Goods, Technology Export Control
China's State Council on Friday promulgated amendments to its regulations regarding the export of nuclear goods and technologies for both civil and military use, requiring the importers to fulfill more obligations to ward off acts of nuclear terrorism.
- President Issues Order on Military Commands
Chinese Central Military Commission Chairman Hu Jintao has issued an order on implementing the regulation of headquarters of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA).
- State Council Approves Guidelines of Work in 2006
The State Council, or the central government, has approved the guidelines for its work in 2006, which highlights the importance of reform, efficiency and discipline.
- State Council Issues Statue to Protect Water Resources
The State Council issued an ordinance to publish the Statue on the Approval of Water Use and the Levying of Management Charge on Water Resources.
- Policies on Building 'New Socialist Countryside' Issued
China's central authorities released Tuesday its first major document of the year which calls for the construction of a "new socialist countryside" as the foremost task facing China in the 2006-2010 five-year period.
- China Issues Regulation on Official Documents
A newly modified regulation was issued Friday to enhance management on official documents in the departments of the People's Liberation Army.
- China Issues Regulation on Export, Import Goods Quarantine
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao signed for issuing the regulation concerning exported and imported goods quarantine.
- Regulation on Narcotic, Psychotropic Drugs Promulgated
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has signed an order for the promulgation of Regulation on Narcotic and Psychotropic Drugs, which will take effect on November 1, 2005.
- Donald Tsang Appointed Hong Kong Chief Executive
The State Council on Tuesday appointed Donald Tsang the new Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
- Premier Wen Signs Decree to Approve Tung's Resignation
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