2022 Soong Ching Ling International Summer Camp concludes


On Dec. 1, the 2022 Soong Ching Ling International Summer Camp, themed "Joy and Friendship Across the Globe," concluded with a closing concert. 

The closing concert was staged in three sections titled "Reaching Out for Friends Around the World," "Eternal Love," and "Reunion with Joy and Connection of Hearts." Performers from the Watoto Children's Choir of Uganda, the Boy's Choir of the Glinka Choir College of Russia, the Mythodia's Conservatory Choir of Greece and the Urjwan Youth Choir of Syria, brought classical songs with national characteristics. Through beautiful melody, teenagers from all over the world established friendship, called for world peace, and envisioned a bright future. 

The camp consisted of 4 concerts, 9 classes given by art experts from China and overseas, as well as one interactive session on traditional festivals. As an international youth art exchange activity, the camp attracted 24 art troupes from 20 countries to display musical talent and participate in interaction session. Gathered in the "cloud," youth groups had the chance to showcase professional abilities and musical literacy, which also contributed to the spiritual connection, exchange and mutual learning between young people around the world.

The four concerts have brought together works from various countries. Teenagers, with full enthusiasm and a heart of sincerity, performed a series of classic music works, which has constantly pushed the concert to a climax, and presented a wonderful audio-visual feast.

The camp also highlighted ancient Chinese art, culture, and architecture, as well as world folk music. In the online classes, participants learned about traditional Indian dance, modern dance, African drum, the ink painting "Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains," and the ancient Beijing-based building Prince Kung's Mansion, and had in-depth cultural and artistic exchanges.

During the interactive session on traditional festivals, young participants introduced traditional festivals from their own country, savored the unique charm of different cultures, and found their own irreplaceable positions in the multicultural environment, and thus had a better understanding of the value of tolerance and coexistence in a friendly atmosphere.

Su Hongtao, deputy director of China Soong Ching Ling Science and Culture Center for Young People (CSCLSCC), said in the closing speech, that young people around the world gathered together during the event to experience diverse cultures and built a bridge of mutual understanding. He expressed his hope that in the future, more young people could come to China to better understand each other through music and art, and to enhance friendship, broaden horizons, and develop themselves.

The camp, which is in its 12th year since its founding in 2010, is hosted by China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF) and undertaken by CSCLSCC. The camp has always upheld CSCLF's principle of "peace, reunification, and future," served teenagers' growth and development, and constantly promoted cultural exchanges between children from China and overseas.