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Food streets in Beijing
Dong Huamen Night Market, Wangfujing Snack Street, Ping'an Street, Shichahai Snack Street, Longfusi Snack Street, Gui Street, Fangzhuang Food Street.
Top 10 Peking Duck restaurants
Apart from Quanjude, where else can we savor this mouth-watering delicacy in Beijing?
China's top noodles revealed
The Wuhan hot dry noodle is China's most famous noodle, with the Beijing fried sauce noodle running a close second, according to a Top 10 list by the Ministry of Commerce and China Hotel Association.
Top 10 famous Beijing snacks
Experience Beijing by tasting its time-honored local snacks, which feature flavors of different ethnic groups as well as the imperial courts.
Beijing snacks applies to be intangible heritage
The Chinese capital is trying to get its traditional snacks recognized as intangible cultural heritage items.
Top 10 must-try snacks at Beijing's temple fairs
For those gourmets who want to try a tasty bite of China, temple fairs offer a range of snacks and food from across the country.
Recommended snack restaurants
Enjoy the delicious food at these strongly recommended snack restaurants in Beijing.
Beijing's snack streets
Try the traditional delicacies at some of the most famous snack streets in Beijing.
Guopu (preserved fruit)
Guopu is said to have been the royal light refreshment of the Ming Dynasty (1368 to 1644 AD).
Jiaoquan (fried ring)
Jiaoquan is a Chinese version of doughnut made of wheaten flour.
Miancha (flour tea)
Miancha has a very misleading name because it has nothing to do with tea.
Wandouhuang (pease pudding)
Wandouhuang is made of white pea beans, sometimes flavored with sweet osmanthus blossoms, and dates.
Chao madoufu (stir-fried tofu)
Chao madoufu is a colorful dish with alternating shades of grey, white, red and green.
Chaogan (stir-fried pork liver)
Tian Xing Ju and Yao's restaurants serve the best chaogan in Beijing.
Ludagun or doumian gao (soybean flour cake)
As one of the city's ancient snacks, Ludagun is a roll made of millet flour and soybean flour with red bean or brown sugar fillings.
Douzhi (fermented mung bean juice)
The special drink is a byproduct of cellophane noodle production. It is slightly sour with a pungent egg-like smell.
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