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Silage Choppers and Snake Spirits
Joan Hinton, a US citizen and former physicist on the Manhattan Project, lives on the Beijing Agricultural Machinery Experiment Station she set up with her late husband in 1980.
New literary windows into China
New literary windows into China
A must for summer reading lists, don't miss Foreign Languages Press' exciting new series of contemporary fiction, "21st Century Chinese Literature," launched with 3 collections of short stories and novellas from 30 most-loved writers, many translated for the first time into English.
Chinese Gods: An introduction to Chinese folk religion
Chinese Gods: An introduction to Chinese folk religion
For the uncountable numbers of overseas visitors who visit Chinese temples and puzzle over the carvings of fierce and gentle deities, or for those who wonder just who is being venerated in the small shrine at the back of a Chinese restaurant, this is a little gem of a book.
Qigong you can believe in
In Steven Chow's classic comedy Kung Fu Hustle, the kid/hero (played by Chow himself) is sold a dog-eared, badly printed martial arts pamphlet by a hairy tramp/Taoist.
A Reader on Tibet
Chinese writer Su Shuyang's new book, A Reader on Tibet, published in December 2008, is made up of seven chapters. The book introduces history, geography, religion, culture, art and other aspects of Tibet, providing informative reading materials for Chinese and foreign readers alike.
1000 Days in Shanghai: The Story of Volkswagen
Insightful, the first-hand account of an automotive biz journey, 1000 Days in Shanghai, recounts the metaphoric potholes and red lights the author hit along the way building the VW Santana automobile factory.
China: Portrait of a People
Like countless other young people, Tom Carter came to China to teach English and go traveling. But he traveled further, for longer, visiting all 33 of China's provinces twice in two years.
Senior Chinese statesman and diplomat – remembrance of things past
Uniquely, Huang Hua's Memoirs provides us with tales about the author and 70–year development of modern Chinese diplomacy, based on the author's own experience and materials from the Chinese Foreign Ministry archives.
30 Reflections of China's 30 Years of Reform
Foreign Languages Press has compiled and published the book 30 Reflections of China's 30 Years of Reform, which truly and visually reflects the transformation of China's society over the past 30 years.
The Bloody White Baron
In his first and already highly acclaimed book:The Bloody White Baron, Mr. James Palmer entertained his readers with historical but gruesome anecdotes about a psychotic nobleman, Baron Unger, who had the fantasies of being the reincarnation of Genghis Khan.
Back-Alley Banking: Private Entrepreneurs in China
In her book Back-Alley Banking: Private Entrepreneurs in China, Kellee Tsai, an Associate Professor of Political Science at Johns Hopkins University in the US, uses her research into China’s unknown banking systems to explain how small private businesses acquired their funding.
Streetwise Guide Beijing: Handy and Compact
STREETWISE GUIDE BEIJING is much more than a guidebook; it is a comprehensive source of information for all your travel needs. With sample itineraries to ensure you get the most of your time in Beijing, to cultural norms (and taboos), useful phrases (with an easy and user-friendly pronunciation guide), detailed maps, transit options and more, it's like having a wise local "Beijinger" in your back pocket.
Business Republic of China: Tales from the front line of China's new revolution
In ten racy chapters Jack Leblanc describes nearly twenty years of dodgy deals, and, as he puts it "more booze, more women, more karaoke, more hangovers, more seafood, more saunas, more than my body could take."
The Three Faces of Chinese Power: Might, Money and Minds
Dr. Lampton's The Three Faces of Chinese Power is well-researched and offers a comprehensive, intelligent framework for the implications for the US and the world regarding China's rising economic and military power.
The Big Three in Asia
 Mr. Bill Emmott, The Economist's former chief editor, presented a talk about his newest book: Rivals: How the Power Struggle Between China, India and Japan Will Shape Our Next Decade.
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