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Qingdao is a key economic center and coastal city located at the southern tip of east China's Shandong Peninsula. It has a total coastline (including islands) of 870 kilometers, 730 kilometers of which are continental coastline, accounting for a quarter of the total length in Shandong. It is one of China's main ports for foreign trade and an important base for ocean research.

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Building Qingdao as Ocean tech center 'not a dream': Lin Jian

Where shall we go this summer? If Lin Jian, a senior scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in the USA, has his way, in a few years, scientists all over the world will be flocking to China's port city of Qingdao. Speaking at the International Blue Economy Forum in Qingdao on Monday, Lin said his vision is by no means an impossible dream.

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The site of China sea level datum