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Giant panda may be mother again

Female giant panda, Yuan Yuan, received artificial insemination on Tuesday and Wednesday with sperm from male giant panda Tuan Tuan at Taipei Zoo.

Family binds nation, its people, Xi says
The weeklong Spring Festival holiday ended on Wednesday after the reunion of numerous Chinese families around the world. And as President Xi Jinping put it, such family reunions are important to fulfill the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation.
UN agency praises ecological protection
China has taken great strides since 2013 in environmental protection, with effective air pollution and other controls put in place, and it is working to bring its best practices to the world, the regional head of a UN development agency said.

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  • Transmission line maintenance workers in icy weather

    Long Yongfu is a transmission line maintenance worker of a power station in a mountain area in Zhejiang province. He and his colleagues have been working very hard through an icy cold winter.

  • Homebound family reunion undergoes changes

    The decades-long massive outflow of population from the first-tier cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, during the Spring Festival, is undergoing subtle changes, as an increasing number of elderly people head in the other direction.

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Chinese New Year travel, a driver of global growth

The international community has to find more ways to please their visitors, as China is already reshaping the international tourism industry.

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