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National Day Holiday
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Yunnan is one of many popular destinations in China. China's week-long National Day Holiday is coming up. It's travel time and China offers lots of places for travel and fun at this time of year.

Head south for a last look at the lush greenery before the onset of winter. There's Kunshan City in eastern China's Jiangsu Province. Three ancient towns nestled within the boundary of the city promise an all-around experience.



Paddle amid the tangle of waterways in Zhouzhuang, one of the three ancient towns. You can enjoy the glow of paper lanterns or take in a performance of Kunqu opera.



For the epicure, Zhouzhuang is famous for its local treat, fresh crab.



You can get so far into culture as to come close to the essence of China. For example Jingdezhen in eastern China's Jiangxi Province, is regarded as the cradle of Chinese porcelain. The manufacture of porcelain is one of the pillars of Chinese culture; making the city an ideal destination for those with a taste for art and a sense of nostalgia.

People who live in the warmer southern climes like to head north, to Baotou City in Inner Mongolia. There, chrysanthemums bloom at this time of year and the landscape is alive with color.

(CCTV September 30, 2007)

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