Foreign vloggers' discovery tour of Beijing's Central Axis

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Beijing not only surprises many foreign vloggers by its rapid modernization but also arouses their interest in the city's historical legacy. 

Recently, some international vloggers posted new vlogs about Beijing's Central Axis, a north-south line that runs through the center of Beijing. They took a tour to the historical buildings located along the axis and expressed their understanding of the Central Axis in their videos.  

Jack, an American vlogger, took a trip to Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum (Xiannongtan Temple), a historical site at the southern end of the Central Axis. In his vlog, Jack is astonished by the unique structure of Chinese historical buildings. 

Jack's vlog is watched and praised by many Chinese internet users. They said in their comments to the vlog that "Xiannongtan Temple was a big part of our childhood memory because our primary school had a lot of activities there in 1970s ranging from sports meeting to seeing outdoor movies and training of weightlifting athletes."

Yenny, a vlogger from Indonesia, went shopping to the Qianmen Street, a century-old commercial street on the Central Axis. After having a taste of the local food Beijing noodles with soybean paste and tanghulu (a stick of sugar-coated haws), Yenny said in her vlog that "you can find a lot of shops with old and famous reputations on Qianmen Street. The street is a must-visit site in Beijing."  

In the following comments of the vlog, some international internet users said that they got the knowledge of Beijing's Central Axis from Yenny's vlog and encouraged her to continue promoting Indonesian culture and Chinese culture. 

David Symington (with a vlogger name of Sixuwanqian), a British vlogger made a tour to Altar of Land and Grain (Zhongshan Park) and the Bell Tower. After visiting the two historical sites along the Central Axis, Symington said, Chinese always give traditional cultural connotations to the common things, which reflects the wisdom of the Chinese people. 

Internet users commented under the vlog that they expect Symington to make a series of vlogs about Beijing's Central Axis. 

The Temple of Heaven, a 600-year-old historical site, is one of the most important historical and cultural heritages of the Central Axis. After a visit to the Temple of Heaven, British vlogger Adam said in his video that the buildings in the temple are perfectly symmetrical. It's hard to imagine that all these buildings were built from 1420 onward. It's amazing!

Some internet users who watched the video praised in their comment that Adam's vlog presents the charm of these historical buildings.

In their videos, these international vloggers not only show splendid views of Beijing's Central Axis, but also help people know more about the history and culture of Beijing. The way they look at Beijing and tell stories of the city draws wide attention and comments. 

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