Role Models >> Jiao Yulu

Jiao Yulu (1922-1964) became a symbol of the honest Party cadre who devotes himself tirelessly to the people. After he joined the Party in 1946, Jiao devoted all his energies to fighting economic backwardness.

Lankao County in Henan Province had long been plagued by sandstorms, floods, and unproductive saline soil. As Party chief of Lankao County, Jiao Yulu mobilized the people to combat the poor natural conditions.

In 1962, Lankao County faced disastrous conditions but Jiao inspired the rest of the local leadership and the people to pull the county out poverty and backwardness. His devotion to public duty was recognized by all.

Even when diagnosed with cancer of the liver, Jiao continued his struggle against natural disasters until his untimely death on May 14 1964, at the age of 42. People in Lankao still remember him with affection as a devoted leader.