The March 14 riot in Lhasa, Tibet, has aroused worldwide concern. Based on objective and concrete facts, this book tells the whole story of the riot, its origin and evolution, and includes the testimony of local and overseas eyewitnesses. It reveals to the world the true Tibet, its past and present.
I. What Really Happened in Lhasa on March 14?
  The incident
  Measures taken by the government
II. Eyewitness Accounts of the March 14 Riot in Lhasa
  What foreigners saw
  What local residents experienced
III. Covering the Lhasa Riot — Overseas Media Tour of Lhasa
IV. Q & A about the Lhasa Riot
  Press conferences
V. The Lhasa Riot — Premeditated, Organized Violence
  Dalai Clique's undeniable ties to violence
VI. Tibet Independence and the Dalai Lama
VII. Prejudice and Untruthfulness — Western Media after the March 14 Riot in Lhasa
  CNN distorts a photo
  BBC manipulation
  Surreptitious Replacement
  False subtitles
  Misleading public opinion
  Washington Post Evasive
VIII. Understanding Tibet