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China's FAST telescope discovers 76 new faint pulsars

​Using the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST), or the "China Sky Eye," Chinese scientists have discovered 76 new faint and occasionally emitting pulsars, including a group of the faintest pulsars known today.

China issues yellow alert for Typhoon Koinu
China's national observatory on Tuesday morning issued a yellow alert for Typhoon Koinu, the third most severe warning in its four-tier typhoon warning system, as the 14th typhoon of this year is expected to bring gales to southern and eastern parts of the country.
Holiday tourism contributes to China's rural revitalization
In recent years, a trend known as "micro tourism" has been on the rise in China, which is characterized by short-duration trips, frequent excursions, and destinations located in close proximity. Specifically, during the Labor Day and National Day holidays, more consumers are gravitating toward suburban homestays, and rural tourism is experiencing a notable surge in popularity.

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  • China accelerates efforts to protect young internet users

    China is strengthening online protection for minors by addressing emerging features, implementing dedicated laws and policies, and seeking public input for forthcoming regulations.

  • China's progress in meeting climate goals highlighted

    China has made remarkable progress on the way to achieving its ambitious climate targets, making use of policy tools and market mechanisms, a high-ranking government official said ahead of the third anniversary of the announcement of the nation's dual carbon goal, which falls on Friday.

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A green champion

The green transformation of China in the last decade stands out in the world. No other nation has embarked upon green development with the same speed and determination.

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