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Beijing staggers school openings to prevent COVID-19

Beijing has issued a breakdown of school opening schedules for the coming fall semester, which staggers the school opening peak to reduce COVID-19 control pressure.


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  • Xinjiang stories: Disease control medical worker Tohtirozi

    Tohtirozi is responsible for disease prevention and immunization in 52 communities. Combining big data analysis with in-person home visits and follow-ups, he and his colleagues have been able to care for every person in the communities and meet their medical needs.

  • Xinjiang stories: Planting talent Buaziz

    Buaziz is a farmer in Xinjiang, and poetic life is her daily routine. She learns vegetable farming, and hopes to be a specialist. Buaziz feels fulfilled to learn skills and increase profit, and joyful to accompany her parents at home.

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China's new laws simplify investment

China's new investment and securities laws, which are designed to simplify its investment system, will improve the innovation system and liberalize its capital market.

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