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Macao's new panda pair to meet public on June 1

Macao's panda pavilion in Seac Pai Van Park of Coloane island is about to close from May 26 to 31 to make full preparation for greeting the move-in of the new pair of giant pandas, the city's Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau said in press release Friday evening.


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    Chinese families face new challenges

    The Report on Chinese Household Development 2015, a report on the National Family Panel Studies conducted by the National Health and Family Planning Commission last year, is the first study in which the Chinese government has led a national panel survey of 32,500 sample households from all provinces and regions on the Chinese mainland.

  • Fake Lamas flourish as China's middle class grows

    Fake Lamas flourish as China's middle class grows

    As China's growing middle class searches for spiritual comfort, both authentic and fake Rinpoche Lamas are becoming sought-after advisors and status symbols.

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Morality, character need larger role in education

In a global society that is increasingly morally bankrupt, how can we protect our children from negative forces while still providing them with opportunities for success?

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