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ATM Crimes on the Increase in Shenzhen
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Banks have warned people to be careful while using ATMs, as ATM scams are on the rise these days, the Shenzhen Evening News said yesterday.

The scams usually involve more than two culprits, one of whom will do something to divert the victim's attention so that others can replace the victim's bank card with a false one before he or she notices, the paper said.

A man surnamed Cai claimed to have lost 1,400 yuan days ago in this manner in Yantian District.

According to him, there were four strangers standing behind when he was depositing 1,000 yuan (US$123) into an ATM. A bank video showed while Cai is bending down to pick up something while leaving his card inserted in the machine, the people behind him pull the card out and insert a new one.

Cai found out later that 1,400 yuan had been removed from his account.

The bank said the suspects must have seen Cai's password.

Another man surnamed Yuan claimed to have 4,000 yuan stolen in a similar fashion when using an ATM in Caopu in Luohu District on Saturday.

Banks have reminded people to have the card canceled instantly if they find it replaced.

(Shenzhen Daily April 20, 2006)

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