Home observation for two types of overseas arrivals

Home observation for two types of overseas arrivals

Beijing Daily March 18, 2020

1. Home observation is permitted upon application by the following people: those aged 70 and above, minors, pregnant women and those with underlying conditions who are not suitable for quarantine at designated places as well as people who have places to live in alone in Beijing.

2. Prior to arrival, the above people or their families should contact their residential communities to apply for home observation. Upon verification by the communities and competent healthcare workers, those who meet the criteria will be allowed to stay at home for observation. 

3. People who stay at home for observation need to sign a letter of notification. If anyone refuses to comply with medical monitoring, conceal or lie about his or her medical conditions, or goes out without permission, he or she will be transferred immediately to the designated facilities for observation and should bear the expenses thus incurred. The above people will be held legally accountable if spread of the disease or transmission risks is caused.

One person is allowed to take care of the people in home observation if such a need arises. The caregiver and people in home observation should not go out. They should wear masks at home, live in separate rooms, and avoid unnecessary contact.

4. These measures also apply to people who arrive in Beijing after entering the country from other ports of entry.

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