Press conference on strengthening quality control for medical supplies and improving market regulation

The Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council held a press conference in Beijing on April 5 to brief the media on the measures taken to strengthen quality control for medical supplies and improve market regulation. April 7, 2020

Xinmin Evening News:

Recently we've noted that some Chinese enterprises are exporting epidemic prevention and control materials. Could you please tell us about that? Thank you.

Jin Hai:

Thank you for your question. According to statistics from the Customs, the export of epidemic prevention and control materials has risen since late March this year. From March 1 to April 4, Customs inspected and released main epidemic prevention and control materials with a total value of 10.2 billion yuan, including 3.86 billion face masks, 37.52 million sets of protective suits, 2.41 million infrared thermometers and 16,000 ventilators, with their value totaling 7.72 billion yuan, 910 million yuan, 330 million yuan and 310 million yuan, respectively. In addition, there were also 2.84 million COVID-19 testing kits and 8.41 million goggles. From the perspective of trade mode, the general trade accounted for 83%, with the value totaling 8.52 billion yuan. Customs authorities will continuously enhance supervision, improve services and support qualified and reputable enterprises to export medical supplies in an orderly way.

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