Serbian Ambassador: China contributes to global health security

Serbian Ambassador to China Milan Bacevic said that China is making positive contributions to global public health security in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. April 13, 2020
By Zhang Junmian

Medical supplies donated by China and its companies are seen in Belgrade, on March 26, 2020. An inspiring sentence meaning "ironclad friends share weal and woe all along" is printed in both Chinese and Serbian on the packing boxes. [Photo/Xinhua]

Chinese medical experts are helping Serbia fight COVID-19

Bacevic noted, "Serbia is one of the few countries to which a team of top Chinese doctors was sent and they are our most valuable human resource."

Relying on their expertise and instructions, Serbia has managed to ensure early detection, early isolation and early treatment, important first steps in the prevention of the epidemic.

"Chinese doctors have helped us prepare hospitals to provide care to as many patients as possible, to improve early patient detection, isolation measures and treatment of already confirmed patients, as well as how to protect medical staff.

"Serbia trusts Chinese experts and their suggestions are highly respected. Thanks to them, everything is improving steadily."

The ambassador went on: "The solidarity that China has shown towards us is just another strong confirmation of our exceptionally good bilateral relations, which have resisted many challenges in the recent history of international relations." 

Discrimination against China are fueled by prejudice and political arrogance

Bacevic said he had noticed that some countries had been misinterpreting the humanitarian mission of China, and it has contributed to a negative trend where "coronaphobia" was becoming one of characteristics of sinophobia. 

"I am strongly against this discrimination against China fueled by prejudice and political arrogance.

"The fact that some countries and the media blame China for their own failures is totally immoral," the diplomat said. "Also, criticism that China did not timely notify the WHO of the epidemic is denying the facts. There is no room here for the allegations made against China. 

"Let us just remember again that China was the first victim of the epidemic and it took unprecedented, systematic and extremely stringent measures to protect lives," he continued. "It shared information extremely quickly, in a transparent and responsible manner."

The ambassador urged all people to keep in mind that this is a virus that is still unknown and that the whole world is in search for a cure.

"China put Wuhan in lockdown and restricted movement to the maximum in all other parts of the country, which turned out to have slowed the spread of the virus significantly," he pointed out, stressing that, in doing so, it bought valuable time for other countries to prepare in case of what had been persistently warned by the WHO.

"The Chinese government saved tens of thousands of lives. This is a threat to everyone and we can only counter it with united resources and mutual support," he concluded.

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