SCIO briefing on China's economic performance in the first quarter of 2020

The State Council Information Office held a press conference on April 17 in Beijing to brief the media on China's economic performance in the first quarter of 2020. April 18, 2020


I noticed the headline of today's press conference is about notable progress in coordinating epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development. You mentioned just now that falls in many economic indicators has been narrowing, and the effect of resuming production and work is obvious. We know that all governments are willing to emphasize what has been achieved. However, looking at the worst data released on this report, how big of an effect do you think these numbers will have?

Mao Shengyong:

Thank you. This is a very challenging question. We just introduced lots of data. Generally speaking, economic indicators have dropped a lot in the first quarter due to the epidemic outbreak. But at the same time, this trend has improved remarkably in March thanks to a series of policies. This is a conclusion drawn from key data.

The biggest domestic challenge, as you mentioned, is working hard to help enterprises. We will enhance targeted support to main market players, including small and medium-sized enterprises, to help them get through this difficult time. We will support them in terms of taxation, fees, costs and financial support. Employment and the economy can only be secured if enterprises are stable. This is one aspect.

Second, from a global point of view, countries around the world should enhance cooperation during this difficult time, especially in the field of epidemic prevention and control, so as to make the epidemic prevention and control more effective and reduce the impact of the outbreak. Work resumption and the order of life will then get back on the right track, and the world economy will be more likely to return to normal, only if the epidemic is under control. Thanks.

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