Press conference on Guidelines on Regular Prevention and Control of COVID-19 for Key Locations, Organizations and Population Groups at Low-risk Regions in Summer

The Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council held a press conference on June 19, 2020 in Beijing to introduce Guidelines on Regular Prevention and Control of COVID-19 for Key Locations, Organizations and Population Groups at Low-risk Regions in Summer. June 22, 2020

Phoenix TV:

There are people saying that before they leave Beijing for business trips, though they have already undergone the nucleic acid tests as required, they still need to adhere to a 14-day quarantine upon arrival and are requested to get another nucleic acid test. What's your response to this? Thanks.

Wang Bin:

Thanks for your questions. We have noticed that since Beijing reported new cases of COVID-19, some local governments have put forth new policies, including conducting nucleic acid tests and requiring a 14-day quarantine for those who are from Beijing's medium- to high-risk areas and those that are related to Xinfadi market.

We all know that on June 16, Beijing raised its COVID-19 emergency response level to II from III. And people from medium- and high-risk areas and personnel related to Xinfadi wholesale market have been prohibited from leaving Beijing. Other Beijing residents should stick to the principle of avoiding "non-essential" travel out of the city. Beijing's residents who have to leave the city are required to take a nucleic acid test. With such situations in mind, we made requirements to strengthen the management of people who are leaving Beijing; the measures that have been taken are as follows:

First, people who have been to the medium- and high-risk areas from May 30 to June 16, as well as personnel related to Beijing's Xinfadi market, are required to take the nucleic acid tests. Those who receive positive results on the nucleic acid test will be in quarantine. Those who are close to the suspected or confirmed cases, or the asymptomatic coronavirus carriers, if they have received negative results on the nucleic acid test, should be placed under a 14-day quarantine with medical observation in designated places. For other people who take the nucleic acid tests and receive negative results, they should be under enhanced health management via their workplace and communities. They should also be required to undergo a 14-day observation of their general health. And if they have symptoms like fever or cough, they should seek medical treatment.

Second, after 16 June, people who need to leave Beijing must have negative results of the nucleic acid test taken within seven days or a health code carrying equivalent testing information. These people are allowed to move freely and orderly after arriving at their destination, provided that their body temperature is taken normally and personal protection is taken. All localities should no longer take restrictive measures targeting such people.

Third, for those who have not been tested before departing from Beijing for some special reasons, they should receive nucleic acid test upon arrival at their destination. They will be allowed to move freely only if the result proves negative, the body temperature is normal and the personal protection adopted meets the standard set. We hope all localities can follow those measures. Thank you.

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