Press conference on nucleic acid testing and advice concerning public health during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday

The Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council held a press conference on June 24, 2020, in Beijing to brief the media on nucleic acid testing and offer advice concerning public health during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. June 26, 2020


Recently, quite a few media outlets and institutions have predicted that with changes in the domestic pandemic situation, the tourism market in most regions, except in a few areas, will rebound during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. My question is for the Ministry of Culture and Tourism: Can the public now begin traveling at any time they wish?

Liu Kezhi:

Thank you for your question. The Labor Day holiday just passed, and the Dragon Boat Festival is coming. During the Labor Day holiday, under the firm leadership of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the domestic holiday travel market was in stable and orderly operation with joint efforts from all sides. The open management of tourist attractions stood the test of the holiday, and this has brought valuable experience for our work to come. Under unified arrangements of the CPC Central Committee, while enhancing pandemic control and prevention at tourist attractions, we will implement various measures to guide them on open management and resumption of work and production.

As of June 22, a total of 10,064 A-5A-level tourist attractions have reopened across China. During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, we will continue to stick to the principles of "limiting tourist flows, making appointments and staggering peaks" in promoting pandemic prevention and control on an ongoing basis and facilitating the open management of tourist attractions. Our work will focus on three aspects:

First, we will continue to control tourist flows in scenic spots. During the festival holiday, tourist attractions will continue to follow the rule of accepting no more than 30 percent of their largest capacities every day. Under the premise of implementing pandemic prevention and control measures, requiring appointments and limiting tourist flows, some indoor sites at tourist attractions can be opened based on the unified arrangements made by local Party committees and governments.

Second, we will continue to promote making appointments to the greatest extent possible. We will continue to advocate the consumption concept of "No appointments, no tourism," and we will improve the coverage of the appointment system and promote the system at an ongoing basis. Except for special groups like senior citizens and children, the number of on-site ticket sales and collection should be limited, and having guests make appointments to tickets should gradually become a rigid requirement for the open management of tourist attractions. 

Third, we should prevent tourists from gathering at certain places at the same time. All the scenic spots should adjust measures to local conditions, carefully plan tour routes, and enhance management at key sites. Especially, they should step up inspection and patrolling at entrances, exits, health inspection sites, major tourism spots, sightseeing platforms, shuttle bus stations, narrow passages and shopping and catering sites, which are likely to become gathering spots, to firmly prevent sudden formation of crowds. 

To guarantee smooth journeys for visitors, we offer the following suggestions called the "three knows." First, tourists should know about measures and requirements related to pandemic prevention and control at their chosen destination in advance through authoritative channels; second, visitors should know about the appointment and management measures at the tourism destination; third, tourists should know about the weather in the destination via authoritative channels. Recently, the southern part of China has entered the flood season, so it's necessary to know about the weather conditions and take precautions during this time.

Thank you.

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