Press conference on COVID-19 prevention and regulation measures for farmers markets

The State Council Information Office held a press conference on July 3 to brief the media on COVID-19 prevention and regulation measures for farmers markets. July 7, 2020


Some netizens say that viruses and bacteria breed quickly in confined markets, which have a high risk of biological contamination and epidemic prevention. As such, it is recommended that indoor agricultural produce markets be demolished across the country, so that sunshine and air can help disinfect the facilities. What is your response to this suggestion? Thank you.

Hu Jianping:

Thank you very much for your question. The facilities of agricultural produce markets directly affect the business environment and consumer experience. Taking reference from the experience of developed countries in Europe and the United States, the wholesale trading of agricultural products is conducted in closed-off halls. Last century, most trading of farm products in China was conducted in the open, however, to ensure smooth trading no matter the season or in bad weather conditions, most wholesale and retail transactions have moved into indoor halls after years of transformation.

However, we have also noticed that in some big cities, some fresh agricultural products — such as aquatic and meat products — are traded underground due to high rents and other factors. Such indoor practices will bring risks of health and epidemic prevention if ventilation and cleaning are not in place. Next, we will actively cooperate with relevant departments to guide agricultural produce markets to strengthen management, do our best with regards to disinfection and epidemic prevention, and at the same time, conduct markets to adjust the division of functions to move fresh agricultural products into outdoor open spaces so as to create a healthier and more comfortable consumption environment. Thank you.

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