Full text: Report of Hu Jintao to the 18th CPC National Congress

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三、全面建成小康社会和全面深化改革开放的目标 III. The Goal of Completing the Building of a Moderately Prosperous Society in All Respects and Deepening Reform and Opening Up in an All-Around Way
综观国际国内大势,我国发展仍处于可以大有作为的重要战略机遇期。我们要准确判断重要战略机遇期内涵和条件的变化,全面把握机遇,沉着应对挑战,赢得主动,赢得优势,赢得未来,确保到二0二0年实现全面建成小康社会宏伟目标。 An examination of both the current international and domestic environments shows that China remains in an important period of strategic opportunities for its development, a period in which much can be achieved. We need to have a correct understanding of the changing nature and conditions of this period, seize all opportunities, respond with cool-headedness to challenges, and gain initiative and advantages to win the future and attain the goal of completing the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects by 2020.
根据我国经济社会发展实际,要在十六大、十七大确立的全面建设小康社会目标的基础上努力实现新的要求。 Basing ourselves on China's actual economic and social development, we must work hard to meet the following new requirements while working to fulfill the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects set forth at the Sixteenth and Seventeenth National Congresses of the Party.
——经济持续健康发展。转变经济发展方式取得重大进展,在发展平衡性、协调性、可持续性明显增强的基础上,实现国内生产总值和城乡居民人均收入比二0一0年翻一番。科技进步对经济增长的贡献率大幅上升,进入创新型国家行列。工业化基本实现,信息化水平大幅提升,城镇化质量明显提高,农业现代化和社会主义新农村建设成效显著,区域协调发展机制基本形成。对外开放水平进一步提高,国际竞争力明显增强。 – The economy should maintain sustained and sound development. Major progress should be made in changing the growth model. On the basis of making China's development much more balanced, coordinated and sustainable, we should double its 2010 GDP and per capita income for both urban and rural residents. The contribution of scientific and technological progress to economic growth should increase considerably and China should become an innovative country. Industrialization should be basically accomplished. IT application should be significantly expanded. The quality of urbanization should improve markedly. Notable progress should be made in modernizing agriculture and building new socialist rural areas. The basic mechanism for promoting balanced development between regions should be in place. Opening up should be further improved and China's international competitiveness should increase significantly.
——人民民主不断扩大。民主制度更加完善,民主形式更加丰富,人民积极性、主动性、创造性进一步发挥。依法治国基本方略全面落实,法治政府基本建成,司法公信力不断提高,人权得到切实尊重和保障。 – People's democracy should be expanded. The institutions of democracy should be improved and its forms enriched. People's enthusiasm, initiative and creativity should be fully leveraged. The rule of law should be fully implemented as a basic strategy, a law-based government should be basically in function, judicial credibility should be steadily enhanced, and human rights should be fully respected and protected.
——文化软实力显著增强。社会主义核心价值体系深入人心,公民文明素质和社会文明程度明显提高。文化产品更加丰富,公共文化服务体系基本建成,文化产业成为国民经济支柱性产业,中华文化走出去迈出更大步伐,社会主义文化强国建设基础更加坚实。 – The country's cultural soft power should be improved significantly. Core socialist values should take root among the people, and both the level of civility of citizens and the moral and ethical standards of the whole society should be significantly raised. More cultural works should be created; a system of public cultural services should be basically in place, and the cultural sector should become a pillar of the economy. Even greater progress should be made in taking Chinese culture to the global stage. By taking these steps, we will lay a more solid foundation for developing a strong socialist culture in China.
——人民生活水平全面提高。基本公共服务均等化总体实现。全民受教育程度和创新人才培养水平明显提高,进入人才强国和人力资源强国行列,教育现代化基本实现。就业更加充分。收入分配差距缩小,中等收入群体持续扩大,扶贫对象大幅减少。社会保障全民覆盖,人人享有基本医疗卫生服务,住房保障体系基本形成,社会和谐稳定。 – Living standards should be fully raised. Equal access to basic public services should be generally achieved. The educational level of the entire population should be significantly raised and training of innovative professionals markedly improved. China should have a large pool of competent professionals and be rich in human resources, and it should basically modernize its education. There should be more employment opportunities. Income gaps should be narrowed, middle-income groups should keep growing, and the number of people living below the poverty line should drop by a large margin. Social security should cover all the people. Everyone should have access to basic medical and public health services. The system of housing for low-income groups should take shape, and there should be social harmony and stability.
——资源节约型、环境友好型社会建设取得重大进展。主体功能区布局基本形成,资源循环利用体系初步建立。单位国内生产总值能源消耗和二氧化碳排放大幅下降,主要污染物排放总量显著减少。森林覆盖率提高,生态系统稳定性增强,人居环境明显改善。 – Major progress should be made in building a resource-conserving and environmentally friendly society. The establishment of functional zones should be basically completed, and a system for recycling resources should begin to take shape. Energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP as well as the discharge of major pollutants should decrease sharply. Forest coverage should increase, the ecosystem should become more stable, and the living environment should improve markedly.
全面建成小康社会,必须以更大的政治勇气和智慧,不失时机深化重要领域改革,坚决破除一切妨碍科学发展的思想观念和体制机制弊端,构建系统完备、科学规范、运行有效的制度体系,使各方面制度更加成熟更加定型。要加快完善社会主义市场经济体制,完善公有制为主体、多种所有制经济共同发展的基本经济制度,完善按劳分配为主体、多种分配方式并存的分配制度,更大程度更广范围发挥市场在资源配置中的基础性作用,完善宏观调控体系,完善开放型经济体系,推动经济更有效率、更加公平、更可持续发展。加快推进社会主义民主政治制度化、规范化、程序化,从各层次各领域扩大公民有序政治参与,实现国家各项工作法治化。加快完善文化管理体制和文化生产经营机制,基本建立现代文化市场体系,健全国有文化资产管理体制,形成有利于创新创造的文化发展环境。加快形成科学有效的社会管理体制,完善社会保障体系,健全基层公共服务和社会管理网络,建立确保社会既充满活力又和谐有序的体制机制。加快建立生态文明制度,健全国土空间开发、资源节约、生态环境保护的体制机制,推动形成人与自然和谐发展现代化建设新格局。 To complete the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects, we must, with greater political courage and vision, lose no time in deepening reform in key sectors and resolutely discard all notions and systems that hinder efforts to pursue development in a scientific way. We should set up a well-developed, scientific, procedure-based and effective framework of systems and ensure that operating institutions in all sectors are fully functioning. We should speed up improvements to the socialist market economy. We should improve the basic economic system in which public ownership is the mainstay of the economy and economic entities of diverse ownership develop together, and we should improve the system of income distribution in which distribution according to work is the main form that coexists with other forms of distribution. We should leverage to a greater extent and in a wider scope the basic role of the market in allocating resources, improve the system of macro-regulation, and perfect the open economy to ensure more efficient, equitable and sustainable economic development. We should work harder to enhance socialist democracy in a systemic way by adopting due standards and procedures, expand people's orderly participation in governance at all levels and in all fields, and ensure that all governance functions are performed in accordance with the law. We should accelerate improvement of the system for managing the cultural sector and the mechanism for cultural production and operation, establish the basic framework of a modern cultural market system, improve the system for managing state-owned cultural assets, and foster a cultural environment that encourages creativity. We should step up efforts to form a scientific and effective social management system, improve the social security system, and strengthen networks of community-level public services and social management. We should establish institutions and mechanisms to ensure that society is full of vigor, harmonious and orderly. We should move faster to set up a system for ecological progress, improve institutions and mechanisms for developing geographical space, conserving resources and protecting the ecological environment and promote modernization featuring harmonious development between man and nature.
如期全面建成小康社会任务十分艰巨,全党同志一定要埋头苦干、顽强拼搏。国家要加大对农村和中西部地区扶持力度,支持这些地区加快改革开放、增强发展能力、改善人民生活。鼓励有条件的地方在现代化建设中继续走在前列,为全国改革发展作出更大贡献。 Completing the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects by 2020 is an arduous task, and all the comrades in the Party must work single-mindedly and with fortitude to reach this goal. The state should give more support to rural areas and the central and western regions to accelerate their reform and opening up, strengthen their capacity for development and raise their living standards. We should encourage areas with good conditions to keep taking the lead in pursuing modernization and to make greater contribution to nationwide reform and development.
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