Speech by Foreign Minister Wang Yi at the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development

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9月24日,中国外交部长王毅(左)在纽约联合国总部出席联合国可持续发展高级别政治论坛。[新华社 张军 摄]

9月24日,中国外交部长王毅(左)在纽约联合国总部出席联合国可持续发展高级别政治论坛。[新华社 张军 摄]
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi attends the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development at UN headquarters in New York on Sep. 24, 2013. [Zhang Jun/Xinhua]
中国外交部长王毅9月24日在联合国可持续发展高级别政治论坛对话会上发言。发言全文如下: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi delivers a speech at the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development at UN headquarters in New York on Sep. 24, 2013. The following is the full text of the speech: 


Sustainable Development -- The Road to Achieve Chinese Dream and Human Progress
——Speech by Foreign Minister Wang Yi at the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development

New York, 24 September 2013

Ms. Chair,
Dear Colleagues,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
首先,我代表中国政府,对可持续发展高级别政治论坛正式启动表示祝贺。论坛是联合国可持续发展领域工作的核心机制,我们相信并期待着论坛发挥积极作用。 Let me begin by extending congratulations, on behalf of the Chinese government, on the official inauguration of the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development. This forum is the core mechanism in the UN endeavor to promote sustainable development. We are confident that it will play a positive role.
主席女士, Ms. Chair,
可持续发展的概念由1992年联合国环境和发展大会正式提出,但对中国人来讲并不陌生。天人合一,不能涸泽而渔等理念,是中国优秀传统文化的一部分,并传承至今。 The concept of sustainable development was formally introduced at the UN Conference on Environment and Development in 1992. Yet the idea had never been new to the Chinese people. Concepts of harmony between man and nature and not to drain the pond to catch the fish have always been part of the fine traditional Chinese culture and today they are as appealing as ever.
中国政府将可持续发展作为基本国策,强调不能再走先污染、后治理的老路,为子孙后代负责,为国际社会负责。我们正积极落实以人为本、全面协调可持续的科学发展观,既发展经济,也保护好环境,维护人民的根本和长远利益。 Sustainable development is a basic state policy of China. The Chinese government makes it clear that we cannot repeat the old way of "pollution first, treatment afterwards" and that we must be responsible for our future generations and the international community. We are now actively implementing a scientific outlook on development that puts people first and promotes comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development. We will grow the economy and, at the same time, protect the environment to safeguard the fundamental and long-term interests of the people.
当前中国的新能源和可再生能源投资已经位居全球第一,森林覆盖率在新世纪的头十年内提高了3.8%,森林面积增加了36.51万平方公里。 China is now the world's largest investor in new and renewable energies. In the first decade of the new century, we increased forest coverage in China by 3.8% or 365,100 square kilometers.
将节能减排作为经济结构调整的切入点,列入官员考绩的重要项目。颁布《可再生能源法》、《节约能源法》等法律法规,环保法规体系初具规模。 We have identified energy-saving and emission-reduction as a focal point in adjusting our economic structure and an important yardstick in evaluating the performance of our government officials. With the promulgation of laws and regulations such as the Law on Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Law, China now has a fairly well-established legal framework for environmental protection.
2006至2010年期间,通过节能和提高能效累计节约6.3亿吨标准煤,相当于减少排放二氧化碳14.6亿吨。2011至2015年期间,力争将单位GDP能耗降低16%、单位GDP二氧化碳排放降低17%。 From 2006 to 2010, we cut energy consumption by 630 million tons of standard coal equivalent through energy saving and energy efficiency improvement, which equals 1.46 billion tons less of CO2 emission. Now we are fighting for the goal of reducing energy consumption and CO2 emission per unit of GDP by 16% and 17% respectively between 2011 and 2015.
本月公布的《大气污染防治行动计划》,要求到2017年非化石能源消费比重提高到13%,煤炭占能源消费总量的比重降到65%以下。 This month, we have just unveiled an action plan on air pollution prevention and control, which requires us to raise the share of non-fossil fuel consumption to 13% of the total energy consumption, and decrease that of coal to less than 65% by 2017.
以中国国情和发展状况,走可持续发展之路面临诸多困难和阵痛,但我们迎难而进,将之作为实现中国梦的必由之路,取得阶段性成果。 Given China's national conditions and development level, we will face many difficulties and pains on the way to sustainable development. But we are determined to fight this uphill battle and stick to this path as it is the only road to realize the Chinese dream. Our efforts will pay off as we move forward.
举一个例子。库布其沙漠是中国第七大沙漠,以前是沙进人退,当地居民日夜与风沙相伴。后来,他们转变思路,变沙为宝,用柳条绿化荒地,用沙粒制造建材,治沙与发展齐头并进。目前当地直接绿化面积已达5000多平方公里,年降雨量由过去的70毫米增加到300多毫米,野生动物也在沙漠中重新出现。这正是环境和发展的双赢。 Let me give you an example. In Kubuqi, the seventh largest desert in China, sand used to encroach on human habitat and local people were threatened by wind and sand day and night. Then, they changed their line of thinking and decided to make something out of the sand. They began to plant a special kind of willow on the barren land and make construction materials from sand, thus tackling the sand problem and growing the economy at the same time. Now more than 5,000 square kilometers of their land have turned green, annual precipitation has increased from 70 mm to over 300 mm and wildlife have returned. This is a win-win scenario between the environment and economic development.
主席女士, Ms. Chair,
从愿景到行动,今天圆桌会的主题道出了全球实现可持续发展的途径,也为论坛未来工作指明了方向。在此,我想谈以下几点看法: From Vision to Action, the theme of today's round-table meeting, has shown us the way to realize sustainable development globally as well as the direction for the forum. In this connection, I wish to make the following proposals:
一是大力建设生态文明。生态文明建设重在尊重自然规律,顺应自然要求,形成经济、社会和环境保护的良性互动,这是人类经验教训的总结,也是当前国际社会的共识和追求。中国已经把生态文明建设提高到与经济建设同等重要的位置,举全国之力予以推进。我们意识到要把环境保护当作经济发展的前提和机遇,既要金山银山,也要绿水青山,其实绿水青山就是金山银山。 First, we must strive to promote ecological progress. To do this, the key is to respect the law of nature, follow nature's will, and foster a sound interaction between economic growth, social progress and environmental protection. This is what mankind has learnt from the past and the common undertaking and pursuit of the international community today. China now regards ecological progress as being no less important than economic growth, and is mobilizing the entire country behind this endeavor. We see environmental protection as a precondition and opportunity for economic development. While we want prosperity and wealth, we also want clear waters and green mountains. In fact, clear waters and green mountains can bring us prosperity and wealth.
二是营造有利外部环境。推进可持续发展离不开世界经济扎实可靠的复苏,离不开良好的国际贸易投资环境。需要完善全球经济治理,使之更加公平公正。需要维护自由、开放、非歧视的多边贸易体制,反对各种形式的保护主义。需要加强应对跨国金融风险的准备,探讨完善全球投资规则,引导全球资本合理有序流动。需要建设利益共享的全球价值链,培育普惠各方的全球大市场,实现互利共赢的发展。 Second, we have to foster a favorable environment for sustainable development. Sustainable development cannot gain ground in the absence of a real and solid recovery of the global economy and a sound international trade and investment climate. We should improve global economic governance and make it fairer and more equitable. We should uphold a free, open and non-discriminatory multilateral trading system, and oppose protectionism in all forms. We should better prepare ourselves for cross-border financial risks, discuss ways to improve global investment norms and encourage rational and well-managed flow of global capital. We should build a global value chain that shares interest and foster a big global market that benefits all, so as to achieve development with win-win results.
三是坚持“共同但有区别的责任”。可持续发展是全人类的共同事业,各国都要各尽所能。但是,包括新兴市场国家在内的发展中国家和发达国家的基本国情是不一样的,历史责任和现实义务也是不一样的。“共同但有区别的责任”是发展领域的基本原则,强求一致、抹杀区别,无异于回避乃至逃避发达国家的责任。可持续发展领域的国际合作需要充分考虑到发达国家与发展中国家发展水平、资源和手段的差异,在资金、技术、能力建设等执行手段上切实解决发展中国家面临的困难。 Third, we should adhere to the principle of "common but differentiated responsibilities". Sustainable development is a common cause for all mankind, to which all countries should contribute as much as they can. However, given their different basic national conditions, developing countries, including the emerging economies, and developed countries have different historical responsibilities and immediate obligations. "Common but differentiated responsibilities" is a fundamental principle in the area of development. Imposing uniformity and ignoring differences is to dodge or even shirk the responsibilities of developed countries. International cooperation on sustainable development must take into full account the differences between developed and developing countries in level, resources and means of development. Concrete efforts should be made to address the difficulties of developing countries in capital, technology, capacity building and other means of implementation.
四是高度重视社会问题。经济发展不等于国家富强,可持续发展也不是简单“经济可持续发展”,社会的和谐进步和公平正义也非常重要。我们主张将保障和改善民生放在更加突出的位置,在实现经济发展的同时,加强社会建设,健全基本公共服务体系,创新社会管理,切实解决好上学、看病、住房、养老、社会保障等民众最为关心的社会问题,让人人参与发展,分享发展成果。 Fourth, we need to put social issues high on the agenda. A country's strength and prosperity requires more than economic growth, and sustainable development is not "sustainable economic development" only. Harmony, progress, fairness and justice of the society are also crucial. We believe that the assurance and improvement of people's well-being should be given greater importance. The pursuit of economic growth must be accompanied by the efforts to strengthen social development, improve the basic public service system, and make innovations in social governance. Social issues of people's immediate interest, such as schooling, medical care, housing, old-age care and social security should be properly handled, so that everyone contributes to and benefits from development.
五是创新思维、模式和方式。实践证明,以消耗资源和损害环境为代价的传统发展模式难以为继,需要更加注重发展的质量和效益,努力调整经济结构,优化产业布局,避免片面追求速度和数量。 Fifth, we should innovate in the thinking, model and method of development. Traditional ways of development, depleting resources and damaging the environment, have proved to be unsustainable. Greater efforts should be made to raise the quality and efficiency of development, adjust the structure of economy and improve the distribution of industries. Single-minded pursuit of speed and quantity should be avoided.
实体经济特别是制造业和农业是许多发展中国家的生命线,需要努力做强做大实体经济,坚持金融服务实体经济而不是相反。 Real economy, the manufacturing industry and agriculture in particular, is the lifeline for many developing countries and should be strengthened and expanded. Financial industries should serve the real economy, not the other way round.
基础设施不足是发展中国家经济的弱项,基建投资也是克服金融危机的重要途径,有必要发展基建伙伴关系,建设各类基建投融资平台。 Inadequate infrastructure is the weak link of developing economies, while investing in infrastructure is an important way to overcome the financial crisis. Therefore, it is necessary to build partnerships on infrastructure development and set up investment and financing platforms in this regard.
清洁能源、节能减排等新兴产业和技术正成为世界经济新的增长点,科技创新对可持续发展有巨大带动作用,需要倡导技术革新,鼓励南北技术转让,拉动绿色生产力。 Emerging industries and technologies in such areas as clean energy, energy saving and emissions reduction are becoming new growth points in the world economy. Scientific and technological innovation can provide a strong driving force for sustainable development. We should encourage technological breakthroughs and technology transfer from the North to the South so as to boost the development of green production forces.
主席女士, Ms. Chair,
论坛的成立是可持续发展的契机,希望论坛务实高效,既交流看法,也拿出办法,既做出决定,也采取行动。从愿景到行动更需要各国的诚意和行动。中国政府一直在力所能及的范围内支持其他发展中国家的可持续发展,专门安排2亿元人民币支持小岛国、最不发达国家和非洲国家应对气候变化,率先向2014年第三届小岛屿发展中国家国际会议捐款50万美元。 The establishment of this forum brings opportunities for sustainable development. I hope the forum's work will be down to earth and efficient, generating solutions while conducting discussions, and take actions while making decisions. To move from vision to action calls for sincerity and efforts of all countries. The Chinese government has been making its best effort to support other developing countries in pursuing sustainable development. We have arranged for RMB200 million to support small island states, the least developed countries and African countries in tackling climate change, and taken the lead in donating US$500,000 to the third International Conference on Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States to be held in 2014.
2012年的联合国可持续发展大会描绘了“我们憧憬的未来”。作为可持续发展事业的积极支持者和实践者,中国将全力建设美丽中国,为建设美丽的地球家园做出更大的贡献! The UN Conference on Sustainable Development in 2012 has depicted for us "the future we want". China actively supports and pursues sustainable development. We will strive to build a beautiful China and make greater contribution to making our planet Earth a lovely home for mankind.
谢谢大家! Thank you.


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