Opening remarks by Vice Foreign Minister Li Baodong at Beijing P5 Conference

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Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Li Baodong addresses the opening ceremony of the P5 conference on nuclear non-proliferation, which opens in Beijing from April 14 to 15.
尊敬的各位代表团团长,女士们、先生们: Distinguished Heads of Delegation,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
上午好! Good morning!
首先,请允许我代表中国外交部,欢迎各位来参加五核国北京会议。四月的北京,春暖花开、草长莺飞。大家在这个明媚的时节开会,定能取得丰硕的成果。一年来,来自中国外交部、国防部和国防科工局等部门的中方团队,与法国、俄罗斯、英国、美国的同事们一道,为此次会议的筹备付出大量心血,为会议成功召开打下坚实基础。我要对大家的辛勤劳动表示诚挚的感谢! At the outset, please allow me, on behalf of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, to welcome all of you to the Beijing P5 Conference during the warm spring month of April with flowers blossoming, grass flourishing and birds singing everywhere. I am sure a P5 conference at such an opportune time will certainly yield fruitful results. Over the past year, the Chinese team composed of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defense, China Atomic Energy Authority and other agencies, as well as our colleagues from France, Russia, the UK and the US have made enormous efforts to bring together this conference, and laid a solid foundation for its success. I'd like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to all of you for the hard work.
从2009年的伦敦会议,到当下的北京会议,五年时间,五个核武器国家,轮流举办了五次会议,“五”似乎成了我们的幸运数字。我欣喜地看到,通过历次五核国会议,五核国之间的互信逐渐深化,协作不断加强,及时沟通、共同行动的势头越来越高涨,为推动核裁军、加强核不扩散、以及促进和平利用核能做出了实实在在的新的贡献。 From London back in 2009 to Beijing today, five years have passed. Five nuclear-weapon states have taken turns to host five conferences. "Five" seems to have become a lucky number for us. We are pleased to note that the P5 conferences have helped to deepen our mutual trust and strengthen our coordination. Now there is a growing momentum for timely communication and joint action. This is our real and concrete contribution to nuclear disarmament, non-proliferation and peaceful use of nuclear energy.
近年来,国际安全形势发生了深刻、复杂的变化,核裁军、核不扩散及和平利用核能等方面都出现了不少新动向和新问题,需要我们认真思考、共同应对。在不久前举行的荷兰核安全峰会上,习近平主席首次阐述中国的核安全观,为核领域全球治理提出了中方的思路。我们希望此次北京会议能充分发挥承上启下的作用,为五核国共同探讨核领域重大问题、共同推进核领域全球治理提供重要平台。 In recent years, fundamental and complicated changes have taken place in the international security landscape. And there have emerged new trends and new issues in the fields of nuclear disarmament, non-proliferation and peaceful use of nuclear energy that call for serious thinking and collaborative efforts. At the recent Nuclear Security Summit in the Hague, President Xi Jinping elaborated for the first time on China’s approach to nuclear security and put forward China's views on global governance in the nuclear field. We hope the current Beijing P5 Conference will serve as a platform where we could build on our past achievements to strive for new progress and work together to explore ways to resolve major nuclear-related issues and advance global governance in the nuclear field.
各位同事, Dear Colleagues,
核裁军、核不扩散与和平利用核能作为核领域的三大支柱,既关系到全球和平与稳定,也关系到各国安全和人民福祉。妥善处理好三大支柱的关系,提高核领域全球治理水平,符合国际社会的共同利益,也是我们五核国的共同目标。为实现这一目标,我们应更好地把握几个方面: As three major pillars in the nuclear field, nuclear disarmament, non-proliferation and peaceful use of nuclear energy have a direct bearing not only on global peace and stability, but also on the security of all countries and the well-being of their people. Properly harmonizing the relations among these pillars, and enhancing global nuclear governance is in the common interests of the international community and therefore the shared objective of the P5 states. To this end, we should underscore the following aspects:
第一,实现普遍安全是核领域全球治理的根本目标。要开启通往无核武器世界的大门,就必须使用普遍安全这把钥匙。要从根本上防止核武器扩散、更好地利用核能为人类造福,也必须实现普遍安全。为此,我们要努力营造和平稳定的国际大环境,消除冲突和动荡的根源;要充分尊重和照顾各国合理安全关切,摒弃零和理念和冷战思维;要培育相互理解和信任的国家关系,通过平等对话化解分歧和猜疑。 First, universal security is the fundamental goal of global nuclear governance. To open the door to a world free of nuclear weapons, we must use universal security as the key. To fundamentally prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons and better utilize nuclear energy for the well-being of mankind, we must also achieve universal security. For this purpose, we should work to build an international environment featuring peace and stability and eliminate the root causes of conflicts and unrest. We should fully respect and accommodate the legitimate security concerns of all countries and discard zero-sum thinking and cold-war mindset. We should develop country-to-country relations based on mutual understanding and trust and dissolve disputes and suspicion through dialogue on an equal footing.
第二,发挥五核国带头作用是核领域全球治理的重要动力。我们五国既是核武器国家,也是安理会常任理事国,承担着维护全球和平安全的重要使命。也必须在核领域全球治理方面发挥引领作用。五核国就像五个指头,只有通过深化战略互信、加强团结协作,才能攥成有力的拳头,更有效解决核领域出现的问题,更好引导核领域全球治理的方向。 Second, the leadership role of the P5 states is a major driving force for global nuclear governance. The P5 states, being nuclear-weapon states and also permanent members of the UN Security Council, shoulder the important mission of maintaining global peace and stability, and should also play a leading role in global nuclear governance. Like five fingers of a hand, the P5 states can make a powerful fist only by deepening strategic mutual trust, unity and collaboration. In this way, we will be able to effectively deal with problems in the nuclear field and guide global nuclear governance in the right direction.
第三,维护多边机制是核领域全球治理的核心内容。没有规矩,不能成方圆。有些人批评核裁军进展缓慢、核扩散愈演愈烈、和平利用核能合作水平不高,因此就想抛开现有国际机制另起炉灶,以为这样就能迅速解决问题。他们的愿望或许是美好的,但方式却极其错误。解决核领域的问题,必须充分发挥联合国、日内瓦裁军谈判会议、国际原子能机构等现有多边机制的核心作用。唯其如此,才能确保关键各方的参与,才能保证有关议题能谈得起来、谈出成果。 Third, multilateral mechanism is the central content for global nuclear governance. Nothing can be accomplished without norms and standards. There are people who criticize that the nuclear disarmament process is moving too slowly, the nuclear proliferation situation is going from bad to worse and the cooperation on the peaceful use of nuclear energy is unsatisfactory. They even believe the problem can be solved promptly by getting rid of the existing international mechanism and starting all over again. This is, in fact, a very wrong approach based on wishful thinking. To solve the problems in the nuclear field, we must give full play to the pivotal roles of existing multilateral agencies like the UN, the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva and the IAEA. This is the only way to bring all key parties on board and ensure that the issues concerned get discussed and positive results achieved.
第四,坚持平衡推进和协商一致是核领域全球治理的基本原则。核裁军、核不扩散与和平利用核能这三大支柱同等重要、缺一不可,共同支撑着国际核秩序的大局。我们必须对它们同等重视、平衡推动。核问题关系到国际稳定与安全,关乎各国重大利益,必须在平等讨论的基础上,遵循协商一致的原则进行决策。 Fourth, balanced progress and consensus is the basic principle for global nuclear governance. Three pillars, i.e. the nuclear disarmament, non-proliferation and peaceful use of nuclear energy are equally important and indispensable, and together, they underpin the overall international nuclear order. We must attach equal importance to all three pillars and push for balanced progress. The nuclear issues bear on international stability and security as well as the vital interests of all countries, decisions on these issues must be made by consensus and through discussions on an equal footing.
第五,确保广泛参与是核领域全球治理的关键保障。在全球已形成命运共同体的今天,任何国家都无法置身于全球性挑战之外,也不能独自解决这些问题。为实现推进核裁军进程、加强核不扩散体系、促进和平利用核能的目标,我们必须让所有国家都发挥作为利益攸关方的作用。不单各国政府应积极参加,还应调动国际及地区组织、非政府组织、以及民间社会的积极性,推动国际社会形成最大的合力。 Fifth, broad participation is a critical guarantee for global nuclear governance. The world today is a community of common destiny where no country can stay immune from global challenges or solve nuclear-related problems on its own. To push forward the nuclear disarmament process, strengthen the nuclear non-proliferation system and promote peaceful use of nuclear energy, we must allow all countries to play their role as stake-holders. And not only governments should actively participate in this process, the initiative of international and regional organizations, NGOs and civil society should also be mobilized to maximize our synergy.
各位同事, Dear Colleagues,
中国一贯主张全面禁止和彻底销毁核武器,坚定奉行自卫防御的核政策,恪守防扩散义务,积极参与和平利用核能国际合作,努力推动核领域全球治理。正如习近平主席所说,中国人民正在为实现中国梦而奋斗,而中国梦是追求和平的梦、追求幸福的梦、奉献世界的梦。中国愿与包括其他四核国在内的国际社会一道,通过精心规划和稳步推进,切实加强核领域全球治理,为维护世界和平与安全做出更大贡献。 China is committed to the position of complete prohibition and thorough destruction of nuclear weapons and has firmly pursued a nuclear strategy of self-defense, strictly honored its non-proliferation obligations, actively participated in international cooperation on peaceful use of nuclear energy, and worked to promote global nuclear governance. As President Xi Jinping put it, the Chinese people are working hard to realize the Chinese dream, a dream about pursuing peace, seeking happiness and making contribution to the world. China stands ready to join hands with other P5 states and the rest of the international community to effectively strengthen global nuclear governance through careful planning and step-to-step efforts, thus making even greater contribution to world peace and security.
最后,预祝此次会议取得圆满成功! In closing, I wish this conference a complete success.
谢谢大家! Thank you!


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