Full text: President Xi's speech at the State Great Khural of Mongolia

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2014年8月22日,国家主席习近平在蒙古国国家大呼拉尔发表题为《守望相助,共创中蒙关系发展新时代》的重要演讲。演讲全文如下: Chinese President Xi Jinping delivers a keynote speech at the State Great Khural of Mongolia, August 22, 2014. Following is the full text of Xi's speech:


Open up New Horizons for China-Mongolia Relations Through Mutual Assistance
Speech by Chinese President Xi Jinping
At the State Great Khural of Mongolia
Ulan Bator, August 22, 2014

Your Excellency President Elbegdorj and Mrs. Elbegdorj,
Your Excellency Chairman Enkhbold,
Your Excellency Prime Minister Altankhuyag,
Distinguished Members of the State Great Khural,
Distinguished Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Friends,
大家好!今天,有机会来到蒙古国国家大呼拉尔,同各位朋友们见面,我感到十分高兴。首先,我谨代表中国政府和中国人民,并以我个人的名义,向在座各位,并通过你们向全体蒙古国人民,致以诚挚的问候和良好的祝愿! Good Morning! It is a great pleasure to meet you here at the State Great Khural of Mongolia. At the outset, please allow me to extend, on behalf of the Chinese government and people and in my own name, sincere greetings and best wishes to all of you and, through you, to the entire people of Mongolia!
2008年,我担任国家副主席时首次出访就选择了蒙古国。踏上这块美丽的土地,我深深感到这里是物华天宝的好地方。贵国著名文学家那楚克道尔吉在他的诗作《我的故乡》中曾写到:“肯特、杭爱、萨彦岭的巍峨群山,是点缀北国的层峦叠嶂;漠南、沙尔克、诺敏的无边戈壁,是横亘南疆的沙漠瀚海。这就是我生长的地方,美丽的蒙古大地!” Mongolia was the first country I visited as Vice President of China in 2008. As soon as I set foot on the beautiful land of Mongolia, I was deeply impressed by its naturally endowed abundance. Natsagdorj, a well-known Mongolian writer, depicted a poetic and beautiful scene of Mongolia in his poem My Native Land: High stately mountains of Khentei, Khangai and Soyon; Forests and thick-wooded ridges-the beauty of the North; The Great Gobi desert-the spaces of Menen, Sharga and Nomin; And the oceans of sand deserts that dominate the South; This, this is my native land, The lovely country-my Mongolia.
时隔6年,我再次来到蒙古国,看到这里是一片欣欣向荣的景象,充满生机活力,感到由衷的高兴,我对勤劳勇敢的蒙古国人民取得的发展成就,表示衷心的祝贺! Six years later, I am here again. What I see is a thriving country dynamic and full of vitality. With heartfelt joy, I wish to extend our sincere congratulation to you, the brave and hardworking people of Mongolia, on your achievements.
昨天,我同额勒贝格道尔吉总统举行了会谈,刚才又分别会见了恩赫包勒德主席、阿勒坦呼亚格总理。我同蒙古国领导人就中蒙关系和共同关心的问题深入交换意见,达成广泛共识。双方一致决定,将中蒙关系提升为全面战略伙伴关系并发表联合宣言,还签署了涉及政治、经贸、人文等各个领域的20多项合作文件。我对这次访问的成果感到满意,对中蒙关系更加充满信心。 Yesterday, I had talks with President Elbegdorj. Before I came here, I met with both Chairman Enkhbold and Prime Minister Altankhuyag. Mongolian leaders and I have had an in-depth exchange of views on our bilateral ties as well as issues of shared interest. We have reached broad consensus. The two sides have agreed to elevate China-Mongolia relations to a comprehensive strategic partnership and issue a joint statement. We have signed more than 20 cooperation documents covering political, economic, trade and cultural fields. I am happy with the outcomes of my visit. And I have greater confidence in the relations between China and Mongolia.
女士们、先生们、朋友们! Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Friends,
“路遥知马力,日久见人心。”65年前,中蒙正式建立外交关系。蒙古国是最早承认新中国的国家之一。我们不会忘记贵国对新中国给予的支持。我愿再次重申:无论国际和地区形势如何变化,中国都将始终按照中蒙友好合作关系条约精神,尊重蒙古国独立、主权、领土完整,尊重蒙古国人民自主选择的发展道路。这是我们将长期坚持的一项基本政策。 Just as distance tests a horse's strength, time will reveal a person's sincerity. China and Mongolia officially established diplomatic relations 65 years ago. Mongolia was one of the first countries to recognize New China and we will always remember the support you have rendered us. Let me reiterate that no matter how the international and regional situation may evolve, China will always follow the spirit enshrined in the the friendship and cooperation treaty between China and Mongolia, respect Mongolia's independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity and the Mongolian people's independent choice of development path. This is a basic and long-term policy that we will uphold. Sixty years are a cycle according to the Chinese zodiac.
我们高兴地看到,进入第二个甲子的中蒙关系正朝着更高水平不断发展。特别是过去20年间,中蒙高层交往频繁,政治互信不断加深。两国经贸务实合作快速发展,中国连续多年保持贵国最大贸易伙伴国和最大投资来源国地位。2013年,中蒙人员往来130多万人次,其中蒙古国公民赴华超过100万人次。应该说,中蒙全面战略伙伴关系的建立恰逢其时、水到渠成,标志着中蒙关系进入历史最好的发展时期。 We are pleased to see that China-Mongolia ties, now in their second cycle, are moving further ahead. The past two decades, in particular, have witnessed frequent exchange of high-level visits and increased political mutual trust. Practical business ties have grown fast. China has, for many years in a row, remained Mongolia's largest trading partner and source of investment. In the year 2013 alone, more than 1.3 million visits were made between China and Mongolia, with more than 1 million from Mongolia to China. No doubt, the establishment of China-Mongolia comprehensive strategic partnership, a natural development at a most opportune time, has ushered the bilateral ties into the best development period in history.
中蒙是山水相连的友好邻邦,同为本地区重要国家。今年是中蒙建交65周年、中蒙友好合作关系条约修订20周年和中蒙友好交流年,双方应该以建立全面战略伙伴关系为契机,推动中蒙关系不断迈上更高台阶。 China and Mongolia are friendly neighbours sharing common mountains and rivers and both are important countries in the region. This year marks the 65th anniversary of China-Mongolia diplomatic ties, 20th anniversary of the amendment to the friendship and cooperation treaty between the two countries, and the year of China-Mongolia friendship and exchanges. The two sides should take the advantage of the establishment of our comprehensive strategic partnership and work together to bring China-Mongolia ties to an even higher level.
第一,中蒙要做守望相助的好邻居。不论国际风云如何变幻,双方都要牢牢把握两国关系大方向,站在战略伙伴的角度多为对方着想,在涉及彼此主权、安全、领土完整等重大核心利益和重大关切问题上相互予以坚定支持。 First, China and Mongolia should be good neighbors that support each other. Whatever changes may take place in the international landscape, our two countries should always keep in mind the overall interests of the bilateral relations. We should think more for each other from the perspective of strategic partners and firmly support each other on issues involving our respective core interests or major concerns, such as sovereignty, security and territorial integrity.
两国要保持高层交往势头,两国领导人可以通过各种渠道保持经常性会晤,加强战略沟通,深化政治互信。我邀请额勒贝格道尔吉总统今年11月赴华出席亚太经合组织领导人非正式会议期间举行的互联互通伙伴对话会,中方欢迎恩赫包勒德主席今年赴华进行正式访问。双方已经决定建立中蒙立法机关定期交流机制和中蒙外交部门战略对话机制,双方将在防务安全磋商框架内,继续加强两国国防合作。 Our two countries should maintain the momentum of exchanging high-level visits. It is beneficial for leaders of the two countries to keep regular contacts through various channels so as to enhance strategic communication and political mutual trust. I would like to invite President Elbegdorj to a dialogue meeting on connectivity to be held during the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting in China in the coming November. China looks forward to Chairman Enkhbold's official visit to China this year. Our two countries have agreed to put in place a regular exchange mechanism between our legislatures and a strategic dialogue program between the two foreign ministries, and enhance our cooperation in national defense within the framework of defense security consultation.
中方支持蒙方加入亚太经合组织,支持蒙方积极参与东亚合作,支持蒙方以适当方式参与东亚峰会和中日韩合作,支持蒙方提出的东北亚安全乌兰巴托对话倡议,愿在联合国、亚欧会议、亚信会议、上海合作组织等框架内同蒙方加强合作。 China supports Mongolia in joining the APEC and actively participating in East Asia cooperation. We support Mongolia in engaging in the East Asia Summit and China-Japan-ROK cooperation in an appropriate manner and Mongolia's initiative of Ulaanbaatar Dialogue on Northeast Asian Security. We are ready for closer cooperation with Mongolia in the United Nations, Asia-Europe Meeting, Conference on Interactions and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia, and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.
中方愿同蒙方加强在丝绸之路经济带倡议下合作,对蒙方提出的草原之路倡议持积极和开放态度。双方可以在亚洲基础设施投资银行等新的平台上加强合作,共同发展,共同受益。 China is also ready to increase cooperation with Mongolia in matters covered by the Silk Road Economic Belt project. China is positive and open to Mongolia's initiative for passage to grassland. Our two countries may step up cooperation for common development and mutual benefit through new platforms such as the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.
第二,中蒙要做互利共赢的好伙伴。“近水楼台先得月。”中蒙地理相邻、经济互补,中方的市场、资金、技术、通道和蒙方的资源富集优势互补性很强,有许多合作机遇。去年,中国商品进出口总额达到4.16万亿美元。未来5年,中国预计将进口超过10万亿美元商品,对外投资规模预计超过5000亿美元。去年,中国公民出境旅游近1亿人次,估计到2020年这一数字将超过每年1.5亿人次。中国持续发展将为包括蒙古国在内的合作伙伴带来巨大市场和机遇。 Second, China and Mongolia should become good partners in win-win cooperation. Just as we say in China "one gets a better view of the rising moon at a waterfront pavilion or a favorable position", the geographical proximity and economic complementarity between our two countries - China's market, capital, technology and transportation corridors and Mongolia's rich natural endowment, promise great opportunities for closer cooperation between us. Last year, China's imports and exports totaled US$4.16 trillion. For the coming five years, China will import over US$10 trillion of goods and make outbound investment worth over US$500 billion. Last year, about 100 million Chinese tourists travelled abroad, and the number is estimated to top 150 million annually by 2020. Sustained development in China will offer Mongolia and other cooperation partners a big market and enormous opportunities.
我这次访问期间,蒙方长期关心的过境运输、出海口等问题都得到了妥善解决。双方成立了矿能和互联互通合作委员会,签署了《中蒙经贸合作中期发展纲要》,确定了到2020年双边贸易额达到100亿美元的目标。双方就加强口岸、铁路合作等进行了深入探讨,达成了共识。双方决定将双边本币互换规模扩大至150亿元人民币,双方同意研究在中国二连浩特-蒙古国扎门乌德等地建立跨境经济合作区。双方还将在矿产品深加工、新能源、电力、农牧业、环保等领域开展全方位合作。这些新的合作必将增进两国人民福祉,给两国人民带来实实在在的利益。 During my current visit, the issues of transit transport and sea access that Mongolia had long sought to solve have been properly resolved. Our two countries have established a cooperation committee on minerals, energy and connectivity, and signed an Outline for Midterm Development of China-Mongolia Economic Cooperation, whose goal is to increase the two-way trade to US$10 billion by 2020. We have had an in-depth discussion and reached consensus on port and railway cooperation. We have decided to expand bilateral currency swap to RMB15 billion and agreed to study the possibility of establishing a cross-border economic cooperation zone spanning China's Erenhot and Mongolia's Zamyn-Uud. We will conduct full cooperation in the deep-processing of minerals and development of new energy, electricity, agriculture and animal husbandry, environmental protection and other areas. These new cooperation programs will surely deliver real benefits to our two peoples and enhance their well-being.
第三,中蒙要做常来常往的好朋友。路熟了走起来容易,人熟了聊起来容易。昨天,我同额勒贝格道尔吉总统会谈时,双方商定将进一步活跃人员往来,相互给予更加便利的签证政策,继续加强青年、媒体等领域机制性交流,营造更加有利的社会氛围,大力宣传中蒙友好。 Third, China and Mongolia should be good friends who will visit each other frequently. Travel is easy on familiar roads, and conversation is easy between friends. In my talks with President Elbegdorj yesterday, we agreed to encourage more people-to-people exchanges through greater visa facilitations, and increase exchanges between the youth, media and other sectors of the two countries so as to create a more favorable social environment and foster a culture of China-Mongolia friendship.
中方欢迎更多蒙方公民赴华留学、旅游、经商、就医。今后5年内,中方将向蒙方提供1000个培训名额,增加提供1000个中国政府全额奖学金名额,为蒙军培训500名留学生,邀请500名蒙方青年访华,邀请250名蒙方记者访华,并向蒙方免费提供25部中国优秀影视剧译作。相信这将对增进两国人民的相互了解和友好感情发挥重要促进作用。 China welcomes more Mongolian citizens to China for purposes of study, travel, business or medical treatment. In the coming five years, China will offer training opportunities for 1,000 Mongolians, provide an extra 1,000 full government scholarships to Mongolia, and train 500 Mongolian officers and soldiers. We will invite 500 Mongolian youth and 250 Mongolian journalists to China and offer free of charge 25 popular Chinese movies and TV plays that have been translated into Mongolian language. I believe all these will help boost the mutual understanding and friendship between our peoples.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Friends,

At present, the Chinese people are working towards the "two centennial goals", which is to complete the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects by 2020 and build China into a modern socialist country that is prosperous, democratic, culturally advanced and harmonious by the middle of the century. These two goals together make up the Chinese dream of the great renewal of the Chinese nation. At the same time, the people of Mongolia are also committing themselves to advancing reform and achieving economic and social development. In other words, there is also a Mongolian dream in the hearts of the Mongolian people.

China's ongoing reform, opening-up and modernization process will provide catalyst and impetus for the growth of Mongolia and other neighboring countries. This makes it possible for us to effectively align our respective development strategies for the benefit of common development and prosperity.

On the other hand, we are soberly aware that it is not easy to realize the "two centennial goals" in China, a country with a population of over 1.3 billion and uneven development. It is going to be a long and arduous process that requires a long-term commitment. In the meantime, to realize these two goals, we need a sound neighboring environment. Without a peaceful neighborhood, we will not be able to keep our mind on our goals and manage our own affairs well.

As China grows, some people in the world have begun to doubt how China would go about. They are worried that a stronger China might become a threat to them. This is either a misunderstanding or a misinterpretation of China's intention.

中国多次公开声明,中国将坚定不移走和平发展道路,同时也将推动各国共同坚持和平发展。中国将积极承担更多国际责任,同世界各国一道维护人类良知和国际公理,在世界和地区事务中主持公道、伸张正义。中国将继续以最大诚意和耐心,坚持通过对话协商以和平方式解决分歧和争端。 China has publicly stated on numerous occasions that it will stick to the path of peaceful development and encourage all countries to pursue peaceful development. China will take up more international responsibilities, work with other countries to uphold human conscience and international justice, and stand for justice in regional and international affairs. China will continue to handle differences and disputes peacefully through dialogues and consultations with utmost sincerity and patience.
中国也多次公开声明,中国尊重各国人民自主选择发展道路的权利,绝不把自己的意志强加于人,也绝不允许任何人把他们的意志强加于中国人民。我们主张以和平方式解决国际争端,反对各种形式的霸权主义和强权政治,永远不称霸,永远不搞扩张。 China has also publicly stated on numerous occasions that it respects the right of people of all countries to independently choose their path of development, and that it will never impose its will on others, nor will it allow others to impose their will on the Chinese people. China stands for peaceful solutions to international disputes, opposes hegemonism and power politics in all forms, and will never seek hegemony or expansion.
中华民族历来是爱好和平的民族,中华文化崇尚和谐。在5000多年的文明发展中,中华民族一直追求和传承着和平、和睦、和谐的坚定理念。以和为贵,与人为善,己所不欲、勿施于人等观念和传统在中国代代相传,深深植根于中国人的精神中,深深体现在中国人的行为上。自古以来,中华民族就积极开展对外交往通商,而不是对外侵略扩张;执着于保家卫国的爱国主义,而不是开疆拓土的殖民主义。中国近代史,是一部充满灾难的悲惨屈辱史,是一部中华民族抵抗外来侵略、实现民族独立的伟大斗争史。历经苦难的中国人民珍惜和平,绝不会将自己曾经遭受过的悲惨经历强加给其他民族。中国人民愿意同世界各国人民和睦相处、和谐发展,共谋和平、共护和平、共享和平。 The Chinese nation is a peace-loving nation, and the Chinese culture values harmony. For over 5,000 years of its civilization, the Chinese nation has unswervingly advocated and promoted the ideas of peace, amity and harmony. For generations, the Chinese people have strongly believed in the traditional ideas that peace is the most precious, that one should be friendly to others and that one should not do onto others what he does not want others do unto him. All these ideas have taken deep root in the heart of the Chinese people and shaped their character and behavior. Since ancient times, the Chinese nation has actively engaged itself in exchanges and trade with foreign countries, instead of external aggression or expansion. We have committed ourselves to the patriotic cause of defending our homeland, instead of colonialist pursuit of territorial expansion. The modern history of China is a humiliating and tragic record of miserable sufferings, and at the same time, it also captures the epic struggle of the Chinese people to resist foreign aggression and realize national independence. Emerging from untold suffering, the Chinese people cherish the value of peace, and will never want to see other nations go through the same pains it endured in the past. The Chinese people want, more than anything else, to live in peace and harmony with the people of other countries, and work with them to promote, defend and share peace together.
中国改革开放30多年的历史已经证明,和平发展是中国基于自身国情、社会制度、文化传统作出的战略抉择,顺应时代潮流,符合中国根本利益,符合周边国家利益,符合世界各国利益,我们没有理由去改变它。 The experience of China's reform and opening-up over the past 30 years and more has proved that peaceful development is a strategic choice that suits China's own national conditions, social system and cultural traditions. It conforms to the trend of the times, and serves the fundamental interests of China. It also meets the interests of China's neighboring countries and those of all countries in the world. So there is no reason whatsoever to change this policy.
中国始终把包括蒙古国在内的周边邻国视作促进共同发展的合作伙伴、维护和平稳定的真诚朋友,同绝大多数邻国建立了不同形式的伙伴关系。我们将继续坚持与邻为善、以邻为伴的方针,坚持睦邻、安邻、富邻的政策,在同邻国相处时秉持亲、诚、惠、容的理念。 China has always regarded Mongolia and other neighboring countries as partners for pursuing common development and sincere friends for maintaining peace and stability. We have established partnerships with most of our neighbors in one form or another. We will continue the policy of enhancing good-neighborliness and partnership with neighbors, remain committed to living in harmony and security with neighbors for common prosperity, and uphold the principles of amity, sincerity, mutual benefit and inclusiveness in our relations with neighbors.
“众人拾柴火焰高。”中国愿意为包括蒙古国在内的周边国家提供共同发展的机遇和空间,欢迎大家搭乘中国发展的列车,搭快车也好,搭便车也好,我们都欢迎,正所谓“独行快,众行远”。我多次讲,中国开展对发展中国家的合作,将坚持正确义利观,不搞我赢你输、我多你少,在一些具体项目上将照顾对方利益。中国人讲求言必信、行必果。中国说到的话、承诺的事,一定会做到、一定会兑现。 "Many hands make light work." China wishes to provide Mongolia and other neighboring countries with both opportunities and space for common development. All countries are welcome to get on board the express train of China's development. As a saying goes, "If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together." I have said many times that in our cooperation with other developing countries, China will set store by upholding moral principles while pursuing its interests. China will not subscribe to the zero-sum approach. When it comes to specific projects, China will give more consideration to the interests of our cooperation partners. We Chinese people attach great importance to taking action to keep promises. We will do whatever it takes to honor our commitment.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Friends,

蒙古国有“邻里心灵相通,命运与共”的谚语。中国人讲“好邻居金不换。”中国是世界上邻国最多的国家,我们把这当作宝贵财富。 As a Mongolian saying goes, "Neighbors are connected at heart and share a common destiny." In the same vein, we often say in China, "Good neighbors are more precious than gold." China has more neighbors than any other country in the world. And this we take as a precious gift.
当今世界,亚洲是经济发展最具活力的地区,同时也是热点敏感问题较多的地区,亚洲国家如何正确处理同邻国关系,实现邻国和睦相处、共同发展,妥善解决彼此争议和矛盾,是一个重大课题。我认为,要破解这一课题,关键在于要顺应时代潮流和民心所向,坚持相互尊重、求同存异、面向未来、合作共赢的原则,更多用东方智慧来解决问题、化解矛盾、促进和谐。 Although, in the world today, Asia is the most dynamic region for economic development, it is also a region with more hotspot and sensitive issues than other regions. How to properly manage relations with neighbors, live in harmony with each other for common development, and properly handle disputes and differences remains a major issue for Asian countries. I believe that to find a solution, it is essential to follow the trend of the times and the will of the people. We should uphold the principle of mutual respect, seek common ground while reserving differences, adopt a forward-looking approach and seek win-win cooperation. Above all, we should rely more on our oriental wisdom to solve problems, diffuse tension and advance harmony.
60年前,中国、印度、缅甸共同倡导和平共处五项原则,成为指导国与国关系的基本准则,是亚洲国家为促进国际关系发展作出的重要贡献。在推进区域合作进程中,亚洲国家交流互鉴,坚持相互尊重、协商一致、照顾各方舒适度的亚洲方式,这是符合本地区特点的处理相互关系的传统。这个传统体现着亚洲的邻国相处之道,在今天应该继续发扬光大,为亚洲国家以及整个地区和平、发展、合作激发出源源不断的内生动力。坚持和实践这一传统,要做到以下几点。 The Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, jointly initiated by China, India and Myanmar sixty years ago, have become basic norms governing state-to-state relations and thus represent an important contribution that Asian countries have made to the development of international relations. While moving forward with regional cooperation, Asian countries have embraced the Asian approach that features learning from each other through exchanges, mutual respect, consensus-building, and accommodating each other's comfort level. This approach to state-to-state relations fits in well with the specific conditions in Asia. Embodying the Asian tradition of handling relations with neighbors, this approach should be carried forward in order to unleash the endless inherent strength for peace, development and cooperation in Asian countries and the region as a whole. To uphold and practice this approach, we need to do the following:
——互尊互信。历史上,许多亚洲国家饱受外来欺凌之苦,深感国家独立自主之可贵。尊重独立、主权、领土完整,尊重各国自主选择社会制度和发展道路,互不干涉内政,照顾彼此重大关切,这是亚洲各国友好相处的重要基础。亚洲多样性突出,具有开放包容的传统,各国应该在平等基础上,促进不同文明交流对话,加深相互理解和彼此认同,为亚洲稳定和繁荣构筑坚实依托。 Respect and trust each other. Many Asian countries had the agonizing experience of being bullied and humiliated by foreign powers, and know full well the value of national independence. Mutual respect for each other's independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, mutual respect for each other's independent choice of social system and development path, mutual non-interference in each other's internal affairs, mutual accommodation of each other's major concerns are an important foundation on which Asian countries have lived with each other in amity. A region of great diversity, Asia has a tradition of openness and inclusiveness. Countries in this region should increase inter-civilization exchanges and dialogue on an equal footing for better mutual understanding and trust and lay a solid foundation for stability and prosperity in Asia.
——聚同化异。在亚洲各国交往史上,友好合作是主流,但也不乏一些遗留问题。邻国之间磕磕碰碰在所难免,关键是如何对待和处理。只有以对话和合作凝聚共识、化解分歧,才是地区长治久安最有效的保障。我们应该着眼大局、友好协商,共同参与国际和地区治理,为促进国际政治经济秩序朝着更加公正合理的方向发展发挥积极作用。 Seek common ground while resolving differences. Although friendship and cooperation have been the mainstream in the history of relations among Asian countries, there are still numerous issues left over from history yet to be resolved. Differences and frictions are hardly avoidable among neighboring countries. What is important is how to handle and manage them properly. The most effective way to ensure long-term peace and stability in the region is to build consensus and resolve differences through dialogue and cooperation. We, Asian countries, should bear in mind the overall interests of the world, engage in friendly consultations, jointly participate in regional and international governance and contribute to the building of a more fair and equitable international political and economic order.
——合作共赢。发展经济、改善民生是亚洲各国面临的首要任务,加强互利合作是促进亚洲和睦相处的重要粘合剂。亚洲各国应该秉持联合自强、守望相助的亚洲意识,互帮互助,优势互补,扩大利益交融,合力推进自由贸易区和互联互通建设,深化区域经济一体化,实现共同发展,做大共同利益的蛋糕,增进亚洲各国人民福祉。 Pursue win-win cooperation. It is a task of primary importance for Asian countries to grow economy and improve their people's well-being. Efforts to enhance mutually beneficial cooperation among them provide a strong adhesive for Asian countries to live in harmony with one another. Asian countries should, in the Asian spirit of strength through unity and mutual assistance, help each other and complement each other's strengths to expand converging interests. We should work in concert to make progress in building free trade areas, promote greater connectivity and deepen regional economic integration for the benefit of common development. Together, we should make a bigger pie of common interests and bring more benefits to all the people in Asia.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Friends,

我这次访问蒙古国,深深感到中蒙友好已经植根于两国人民心中,这是中蒙关系发展最大的信心和动力源泉。我相信,在两国人民支持下,中蒙关系的明天一定会更加美好。 This trip has made me feel even more strongly that China-Mongolia friendship has already taken deep root in the hearts of our peoples. This is the biggest source of confidence and strength for the continued growth of our bilateral relations. I am confident that with the support of the people in both countries, China-Mongolia relationship will usher in an even brighter future.
今年是中国和蒙古国的马年。马是力量和进取的象征,深受中蒙两国人民喜爱。我衷心祝愿蒙古国国家建设龙马精神、万马奔腾,衷心祝愿中蒙全面战略伙伴关系快马加鞭、马到功成。让我们携手努力,让中蒙世代友好的种子广泛播撒在两国人民心中。 This year marks the Year of Horse in both China and Mongolia. Horse symbolizes strength and progress, and it is therefore very popular among people in both countries. It is my sincere wish that Mongolia will make great strides forward in its national development just like ten thousand horses galloping ahead with full vitality. I also sincerely hope that China-Mongolia comprehensive strategic partnership will advance at fast speed and achieve resounding success. Let us work hand in hand to sow the seed of lasting friendship in the hearts of our two peoples.
巴耶里拉!谢谢! Bayarlalaa! Thank you!


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