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Wuzhizhou Island's marine ranch in Sanya, China's Hainan

这是在蜈支洲岛海域海洋牧场拍摄的粒突箱鲀(5月15日摄)。海南省三亚蜈支洲岛海域海洋牧场是海南首个国家级海洋牧场示范区。截至2024年4月,蜈支洲岛海域海洋牧场在相关政府职能部门以及海南大学创新技术的支持下,投入人工鱼礁及船礁等约8万空立方米,水泥型人工鱼礁2585个,船型礁21艘,形成了完整的珊瑚礁、鱼虾贝等海洋生物圈,海洋生态修复和渔业资源养护取得了显著成效。据统计,蜈支洲岛海域已完成珊瑚移植5.1万余株,该海域生活着超过300种珊瑚礁鱼类,涵盖15目60余科。海洋生态环境的不断改善,也让种类繁多、形态各异的海洋生物在蜈支洲岛海域海洋牧场聚集、繁殖、生长,共同构成一个五彩缤纷的水下世界。[新华社记者 杨冠宇 摄]

A yellow boxfish, Ostracion cubicus, is pictured in the Wuzhizhou Island's marine ranch in Sanya, south China's Hainan Province, May 15, 2024. Wuzhizhou Island's marine ranch, China's first tropical marine ranch, has made remarkable strides in marine ecological restoration and fishery resource conservation. Artificial reefs are utilized worldwide to enhance ocean ecology, by creating additional habitats for local aquatic organisms and fish. As of April 2024, the marine ranch has deployed approximately 80,000 cubic meters of artificial reefs and ship-reefs. These efforts have created a thriving marine ecosystem, complete with coral reefs, fish, shrimp and shellfish. Statistics reveal that over 51,000 corals have been successfully transplanted in the waters around Wuzhizhou Island. The area is now home to more than 300 species of coral reef fish, showcasing the rich biodiversity that has been nurtured through these conservation efforts. (Xinhua/Yang Guanyu)

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