Yue Meiti: Passing on Kunqu Tradition to New Generation
Blessed with a dazzling androgynous beauty, Yue Meiti --probably the most influential "female Adam" in the history of Kunqu -- portrayed young male scholars as handsome as they are cultured and refined.
Shan Tianfang: Forever Electric Wave
When talking about Shan Tianfang and his storytelling, people of different ages tend to smile understandingly. Shan is hailed as a "forever electric wave," as his storytelling has left a deep impression on several generations.
Tsui Hark Redefines Kung Fu in His Latest Movie
Seven Swords (Qijian Xia Tianshan), acclaimed Hong Kong director Tsui Hark's long-awaited kung fu flick, was unveiled on Monday in Changsha, the capital city of Central China's Hunan Province.
Monks, Nature and Harmony
Hidden in the rolling mountains of western Sichuan Province, such a place exists where human beings live with other forms of life in true harmony. On Mount Pamuling, "birds jump onto your palm to eat," a popular saying of locals goes.
Beijingers Dedicate Careers to Art of Tibet
Two Beijingers Relish in the Exotic Land of Tibet as A Driving Artistic Force
Flying on His Creations
On May 25, Leng Shixiang, a kite maker and carpenter, was invited by the Chinese Academy of Arts to be one of its 30 folk art researchers. But, Leng is no ordinary kite maker. He specializes in mini kites, his smallest creation measuring a mere 7×7mm.
Taiwan Literature: Genre and Masters
Li Ao is perhaps one of the most rebellious idealists in the world. All together he has wrote over 100 books, of which 96 are banned. The outspoken talent likes to portray himself with American idealist Eugene Victor Debs's sentences...
Jiang Meiqi: Every Lover Is a Poet
Taiwan singer Melody Chiang, or Jiang Meiqi, released her new album A Poem in Lover's heart earlier this month. Her new work has aroused greatly differing reactions among fans.
Stephen Chow Among 50 Hottest Bachelors
Hong Kong comic actor and director Stephen Chow is one of the world's 50 hottest bachelors, according to the latest edition of the U.S. entertainment magazine People, which hits newsstands on Friday.
Words of Advice from Hong Kong's 'King of Comics'
Forty-five-year-old Tony Wong, a renowned cartoonist from Hong Kong and a judge on the panel of the original comics competition during the ongoing International Animation and Cartoon Festival in Hangzhou, praised participants for their talent, and had some words of advice for them and the industry.
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