- Architectural Exhibition Shows HK Students' Idealized Vision
How would an industrial building look like after being face-lifted? What will be the result of combining traditional Chinese culture and modern architecture? Answers for these questions could be found in an architectural work exhibition which opened on Friday.
- 2nd Beijing Biennale To Open September
The 2nd Beijing Biennale, the largest and highest level art exhibition in China, is set to open from September 20 to October 20.
- Oriental Touch to Venice Biennale
For the first time in its glorious history of more than a century, the Venice Biennale, which opened on June 9 and runs through to November 6, will have an official China pavilion to exhibit the latest works of the best contemporary Chinese artists.
- Chinese Brush to Paint the World
An art campaign which encourages Chinese artists to paint in traditional style the sceneries and peoples from around the globe was launched Wednesday in Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu province.
- Chinese Photo, Painting Exhibition Opens in Myanmar
A Chinese photo and painting exhibition was opened at the National Museum here Thursday as partof a series of activities of the China Culture Month in celebration of the 55th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Myanmar.
- Qi Baishi Art College to Be Established
The Ministry of Culture will join with the Beijing Academy of Painting and Calligraphy to establish the Qi Baishi College of Fine Arts in Beijing.
- Diplomatic Photo Exhibition Held in Beijing
An exhibition of photographs taken by diplomats, embassy staff and international organizations opened here on Wednesday.
- French Bells on Show in Beijing
Ninety-seven sets of French bells are currently on display at the Ancient Bell Museum in Dazhong Temple in Beijing until September 3 as part of French Culture Year.
- From Hell to Paradise
Cai Yushui seems too thin to be the artist who created the giant painting epic, In Memory of China's One Hundred Years. In fact, the latter is a series of ink paintings so epic that their combined length is equal to two basketball courts, the largest Chinese painting ever made.
- A Heritage Worthy of Protection
An Exhibition of Selected Yangliuqing New Year Pictures shows at the National Art Museum of China in the center of Beijing ended this month.
- Earlier Folk Art Guardian Recollects
Yangliuqing New Year pictures boast the well-preserved and large stock of high quality vintage woodblocks and sketches by artisans from centuries ago.
- Folk Artists Key to Preserving Cultural Heritage
The Chinese Academy of Arts has invited 30 folk artists to act as researchers, a move by the government seen as a big step towards the preservation of the country's "intangible cultural heritage". The 30 are experts in Chinese folk arts such as paper-cutting, clay moulding, kite making and Tibetan tongka making (silk or satin scroll painting).
- HK Artists Ready for Venice Biennale
Two local artists set to take part in the 51st Venice Biennale gave a briefing on their works in Hong Kong yesterday. It will be the third time that visual artists from the special administrative region will participate in the event since 1997.
- Wu Guanzhong's Work Sells for Record High
A large ink and water painting titled the Yellow Earth Plateau, created by the celebrated Chinese artist Wu Guanzhong sold for 18.7 million yuan at the 2005 China Rongbao Spring Auction Fair.
- Modern Art Thrives in Shanghai
Behind the storied Suzhou Creek, which winds its way through Shanghai before joining the Huangpu River, a complex of art galleries and studios have not only managed to stay in existence, they are thriving.
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