State Steps up War on Pollution


China will continue its war against pollution in 2001, especially in key projects, large cities and main water and sea areas to make it a good beginning for environmental work in the 10th Five-Year Plan (2001-05).

This was revealed by Xie Zhenhua, director of the State Environment Protection Administration, yesterday at a national conference.

Special environmental protection measures will be conducted in four major projects including the diversion of water from the south to the north, the bringing of natural gas and electricity from the west to the east and the building of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, according to Xie.

Priority will be given to the south-to-north water diversion project.

The project's purpose is to divert water from the Yangtze River basin to the dry northern part of the country.

A program for the prevention and alleviation of water pollution on the project's eastern line will be formulated, said Xie.

A series of projects designed to control contamination in rivers that will contribute water to the north will be carried out.

Strict and efficient supervision of nuclear power plants will also be strengthened to ensure safety, according to the official.

The administration also stressed the improvement of urban environmental management. Water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution and waste accumulation in cities will be brought under control.

Acceleration of the improvement of Beijing's environment will be one of this year's major tasks.

In rural areas, measures will be taken to stop pollution caused by the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, livestock breeding and garbage.

The environmental administration, along with the State Economic and Trade Commission, will distribute a list of obsolete technologies that cause pollution, which will be gradually phased out in the coming years.

Environmental projects will be started in major water areas including the Three Gorges reservoir area and the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. The administration will conduct special inspections on environmental protection in the Three Gorges reservoir region this year.

A series of new laws and regulations on environmental protection are also planned for this year.

Daily reporting of environmental quality will be perfected and environmental forecasts will be instituted in some cities.

An environmental information network across the country and a public information center on environment protection will be established this year, according to Xie.

China will take a more active part in global environmental protection and get more involved in international co-operation, according to the ministry.

During the Ninth Five-Year Plan (1996-2000), the trend towards worsening environment contamination was basically brought under control

(China Daily 01/10/2001)

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