Five-year Plan Depicts Further Development

The Proposal of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee for Formulating the 10th Five-Year Plan (2001-05) for National Economic and Social Development urges localities to actively expand employment, improve the social security system and the livelihood of the people.

The proposal was examined and approved by the Fifth Plenary Session of the 15th CPC Central Committee last week.

The proposal said that expanding employment is required to further stimulate economic development and safeguard social stability. It is an important part of macro-economic control.

It is necessary to speed up economic growth and further develop labour-intensive industries and collectively and privately owned businesses, according to the proposal.

As an important pillar of the socialist market economy, an overall social security system has a significant bearing on the reform, development and stability of the nation.

The central authorities encouraged an early establishment of an independent social security system, which will no longer belong to businesses themselves, but will attract funds through various channels.

The proposal also stressed the need for modern and strict management of the social security system, and the need to pursue a proper pension system for urban employees.

Meanwhile, medicare and unemployment insurance for urban workers are underlined by the proposal.

China plans to gradually adopt a system of unemployment benefits to help laid-off workers in State-owned enterprises, according to the proposal.

The final target of economic growth is to improve the material and cultural conditions of the people, which will also provide momentum for the sustainable development of the economy, the proposal said.

The central authorities want to see more improvement in living standards, with increased housing space, a cleaner environment, an effective network of public facilities, increased ability to buy personal computers and cars, a high-level of infrastructure, enjoyable entertainment activities, efficient medicare and good social order.

In addition, the proposal stressed the importance of raising the income of people nationwide, especially those with low incomes. It is necessary to pursue the principle of making efficiency a priority while also taking fairness in distribution into account, according to the proposal.

The proposal said it is essential for people with capital or technology to have a share in earnings.

It called for pilot reform measures to be used in the form of annual salary or options for outstanding managers and technicians.

China will further adjust the distribution system by improving the tax policy, initiating an inheritance tax and preventing the income gap from further expanding.

Meanwhile, the proposal emphasized socialist ethical and cultural progress throughout the country. It urged a modern socialist culture with Chinese characteristics when the nation is confronted with Western ideologies and cultures.
The proposal also urged the raising of people's overall quality of life, both materially and culturally, and called for increased national cohesion.

(China Daily 10/19/2000)
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