Economic Planning Advances Smoothly

Plans for China's economic development through the middle of this decade are coming along smoothly, according to a leading official involved in drafting the blueprint.

The 10th Five Year Plan, which will guide China's economic progress from 2001 to 2005, is under construction by the State Development Planning Commission (SDPC).

Entering the early stages of construction, the State Council has given its approval on the methods used for drafting the program.

Officials from the SDPC spoke about these details at a recent seminar held to review the country's 50-year economic plan.
The new plan is expected to reflect the country's actual situation and meet people's requirements, the commission said in a news release on Oct.16.

More people, including economic experts and scientists from all walks of live, have been invited to join the drafting and evaluation of the plan to make the ambitious programme more workable.

The plan will put forward specific tasks for the country in maintaining economic growth, optimizing economic structures, increasing China's international competitive ability, improving people's living conditions and strengthening social security.

Increasing environmental protection, conserving natural resources, and deepening social reforms also top the agenda in the drafting the plan, said the news release.

A special plan to fully use resources of China's vast central and western regions will also be outlined in the new blueprint.

Participants in the seminar praised the important role the Five Year Plan had played throughout China's modern development. They said the succession of such plans has been an important characteristic of China's socialism.

Participants suggested that China strengthen the work of drafting the latest package, to keep the country's momentum of fast economic growth.
The five-year plan is implemented to ensure rational regional economic distribution, coordinate development in coastal and inland areas, promote social progress and maintain social stability.

(China Daily 01/17/2000)

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