Fifty years ago, on October 25th, Chinese People's Volunteer Army crossed the Yalu River to resist the aggressive advance of the United States on the Korean Peninsula and assist the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

This was a just war for the Chinese army in order to safeguard the nation and help maintain world peace. The majority of the officers and ordinary soldiers showed their patriotism. They placed the interests of the country and the people above all else.

They developed a fine style of work to share joys and sorrows and fight in unity. They possessed a revolutionary and heroic mettle. And they made a firm stand against violence, opposing hegemonism and maintaining world peace. Half a century later, these events have become the most precious spiritual treasure of the Chinese nation.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Chinese volunteers' entry into Korea, the China Internet Information Center is offering a special report to commemorate these exciting scenes in the past and reveal the moving stories of the old soldiers involved.