Conditions of Civil Tourism


Development of Tourism


Foreign Exchange Earnings and Its Composition


Number of Foreign Tourists by Sex, Age and Occupation


Number of International Tourists Received by Major Travel Services


Domestic tourism maintained fast growth. The long holidays of Spring Festival, May Day and National Day produced prominent effects. The year 2000 saw 744.45 million domestic tourists, an increase of 3.5 percent over the previous year. Earnings from domestic tourism stood at 317.6 billion yuan, up 12.1 percent.

International tourism developed steadily. In 2000, China received 83.44 million tourists from overseas, up 14.6 percent. Of them, 10.16 million were foreigners, an increase of 20.5 percent, and 73.21 million were Chinese compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, up 13.9 percent. Foreign exchange earnings from overseas tourists reached US$16.2 billion, up 15.1 percent. A total of 10.47 million Chinese went abroad in 2000, up 13.4 percent, including 5.63 million going overseas on private purposes, up 32 percent.