China Statistical Data is a Monthly Statistics Data Base,The Data Base is aimed to provide timely different social circles the reliable and authoritative chinese macro-economy monthly statistics.All data are collected from the National Bureau of Statistics.

    Economy Performance of current Month


    1. Value-added of Industry
    2. value-added of Industrial by all regions
    3. Sales Value of Industry
    4. Ration of Sales by Region(at current price)
    5. Main Indicators of Industrial enterprises
    6. Output of Major Industrial products (at current price)


  1. Total Investment in Fixed Assets
  2. main Indicators of industrial enterprises
  3. Investment in fixed Assets by region

Domestic Trade

  1. Total Retail Sales of consumer Goods


  1. National Price Index
  2. Consumer price index and retail price index by region
  3. Basic conditions of Urban Households by 36 cities

Foreign Trade

  1. Utilization of Foreign capital
  2. Foreign Direct Investment by country or territory

Import and Expor

  1. Value of Import and Export by Location of Commodity Management Units
  2. Value of Major Commodity Import

Finance and Budget

  1. Local governments revenue by all regions
  2. Money Supply
  3. Exchange Rate and Foreign Exchange Reserve