¡¡¡¡Large sums of financial aid were allotted by the government to the national autonomous areas, including a wide range of relief funds, loans and subsidies to facilitate the rehabilitation and development of production. In areas where grave shortages were felt, the government provided farm implements, draught animals, seed and grain free of charge, and even exempted the people from taxes. A network of supply and marketing cooperatives and state-run trading agencies was established in minority areas to supply production needs and daily necessities and to purchase farm produce and sideline products at reasonable prices.

¡¡¡¡Increased investments were also made by the state in capital construction in minority areas. In the 33 years from 1950 to 1983 there was a total of 84 billion yuan of capital investment made by the state in state-owned enterprises in the national autonomous areas. In 1983 alone, 6.2 billion yuan were allotted by the state to the autonomous areas, in a total state budget of 130 billion yuan.