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Archaeological Discoveries
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Large Graveyard at Yangfutou, Yunnan Province

กกกกThis graveyard covers a total area of more than 40,000 square meters, 10,700 square meters of which have so far been excavated. A total of 488 tombs of Yunnan culture and 36 Eastern Han tombs have been verified and examined. The Yunnan culture tombs are divided into large, middle-sized and small ones. In the large and middle-sized ones, there are coffins. The funeral customs vary and some are unique. The overlapped burial tombs contain at most five layers of corpses. In addition, there are joint burial tombs, group burial tombs and accompanied burial tombs. The burial objects include bronze tools, weapons, farming tools, and large amounts of enamel, wooden, jade and stone articles, as well as silver and gold fittings, totaling about 4,000 pieces. Particularly, there are a large number of well-preserved weapons with enameled wooden handles, tools, farming implements and a set of enamel and wooden sculptures with varied shapes and colors. They are the first relics unearthed in Yunnan Province containing enamel and wooden articles. They also provide substantial data for the study of farming tools and the technique of connecting metal spearheads to wooden handles. The graveyard clearly demonstrates the blending of Yunnan culture over a long period of time with Han culture, providing important evidence for the study of the influence on frontier regions exerted by the culture of the Dianchi Lake region and the Central Plains culture.