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Archaeological Discoveries
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The Neolithic Site at Gaochengdun in
Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province

  This is a large-scale high terrace graveyard of the Liangshu Culture, with rigorous layout and planning. An area of about 1,000 square meters has been excavated. In 1999, a total of 13 large and middle-sized tombs of the early and middle stages of the Liangshu Culture were excavated and screened, from which a total of 155 pieces (sets) of various kinds of jade articles, and stone and pottery wares were unearthed. Within the cleared graveyard area of 400 square meters, the tombs were distributed in the form of a herringbone facing the northwest and northeast. The site is extensive. The No.13 tomb is so far the largest ever found of the Liangshu Culture, and is one of the best preserved. Its scale and burial objects may indicate the high social position of the occupant. The few but high-quality jade articles used as burial objects may symbolize another type of funeral of the Liangshu Culture.
  The southern part of Jiangsu Province where Gaochengdun is located is a very important region on the Lake Taihu Culture rim. The discovery of the site shows that the position of the southern part of Jiangsu in the Liangshu Culture cannot be neglected. It may represent another center similar to the important position of the Lingzheng and Shanghai Fuquanshan areas.