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Archaeological Discoveries
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The Yu Hong Tomb of the Sui in
Taiyuan, Shanxi Province

กกกกThe tomb is a single chamber grave built with bricks and with a sloping passage leading to it. It is a plain square with arched sides. The relics include a white marble coffin, octagonal white marble columns and a stone sculpture of the heads of people offering a sacrifice. The most valuable aspect is the relief patterns on the base and four sides of the coffin, with color or gilt painting. The decorative figurines, costumes, fittings, vessels, flowers and birds in the patterns bear a strong flavor of Central Asian culture.

กกกก This tomb is so far the only archaeological find in the Central Plains region that reflects Central Asian culture. It is also the only one to have been excavated in a scientific way and with an accurate chronological record. It is rich in relics and has been well preserved. It is of great significance in the study of the cultural exchanges between China and Western countries during the Northern Dynasties and the Sui period, studies of the Silk Road and studies of the history of Jinyang City.