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17 Dinosaur Egg Fossils Unearthed in Shaanxi
Qin Jian

  Seventeen fossilized dinosaur eggs were recently unearthed in the Laohugou (Tiger Gutter) area of Shangzhou, Shaanxi Province, their diameters ranging from 13 to 15 cm. Experts believe they are about 70 -100 million years.

  Geng Liufu, a 55-year-old man of the Bayi village, Chenyuan Office of Shangzhou, first discovered the fossils. Last March, when he was cutting pigweed in Laohugou, he spotted the eggs lying in a circle embedded in the red sandstone.

  According to experts, the fossils belong to the round egg family previously only found in southern France. The location is about 300 km from Xixia county, Henan Province, which houses the most dinosaur eggs in the world. The difference is that fossilized eggs in Xixia were dug from the active sand layer, while those in Laohugou were inlaid in sandstone.

  Laohugou is in the same mountain system of the Danjiang River Valley to the south of Qinling Mountain with Zhangdi village of Shangzhou , where dinosaur footprints were found in 1984, and He village of Danfeng county, where dinosaur eggs were found in 1997.

  The latest discovery provides a new source of data for scientists studying the geological structure of Qinling Mountain and the lives of dinosaurs who once ranged the land there.
(Wenhui Daily)