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Group of Stone Tombs Found in Shaanxi Province

  A group of stone tombs of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) have been found in Payu Village, Dali County, northwest China's Shaanxi Province.

  The burial chamber was built in the courtyard structure. The walls of the tomb, engraved with a large amount of paintings and characters, were built by bluestone slates. A lifelike and vivid female stone figurine was found in one tomb.

  Experts from the Shaanxi Archaeological Institute are excavating these tombs found by a local farmer in January. Preliminary excavation shows that there are a total of eleven tombs, with the circumference of 1,000 meters.

  Tian Yaqi, an associate research fellow, said that the tombs are those of a local wealthy family named Li in the Qing Dynasty.

  It is the first time to find such kind of large family cemetery in Shaanxi Province. The tombs are of high academic significance to the study of the politics, economy, culture and customs of the Qing Dynasty.

  (Xinhua 03/30/2001)