Archaeological Discoveries
in 2001
Archaeological Discoveries
in 2000
Top Ten Archaeological Finds
for 1999
Archaeological Discoveries
in 1999

Archaeological Discoveries in 2001

3,000-Year-Old Military Officer's Tomb Found at Yin Ruins
Gansu Found Largest Dinosaur Footprints in the World
Silver Pagoda Found in Iron Case Unearthed in Hangzhou
Precious Relics Uncovered in Pagoda Ruins
Grotto Burial Ruins Dating Back 3,000 Years Found
Ancient Sculpture Evidence of Cultural Fusion: Archeologist
Underground Palace Discovered
Ancient Chinese Used Hard Writing Tools
North China City Believed to Be Ancient Capital
Ancient Stone Musical Instrument Found in Northwest China
"Nanjing Man" Reconfirmed Over 500,000 Years Old
New Archaeological Find in Nanjing
Large Group of Ancient Tombs Found in Central China City
Well-Preserved Mummies Found in Xinjiang
Famous Han Tombs in China
900-Year-Old Sewer Still in Use
Archaeologists Unearth 2,000-Year-Old Blast Furnace
Ruins of Ancient Pond Unearthed in Central China
Ancient Gun Found in Northeast China
2000-Year Old Musical Instruments to Be Played Live