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Beijing, Taiwan May Co-sponsor 2008 Olympics

Yuan Weimin, the President of China's Olympic Committee (COC) who lately returned from his visit to Taiwan, declined to rule out the possibility of co-sponsoring the 2008 Olympic Games with the island province of Taiwan on the premise of "One-China" principle should Beijing be granted the 2008 Games.

Huang Ta-chow, Chairman of the 'Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee' (CTOC) said many a time that Beijing's bid reflects the common desire of the whole Chinese nation including the people in Taiwan. And he also called for concerted efforts by both sides of the Taiwan Straits to realize the aspiration of the whole Chinese people to host the Olympic Games, according to Yuan.

But in accordance with the Olympic Charter of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Games could only be staged in one city of one country, Yuan reiterated.

The COC official declined to rule out the possibility of moving some Games events to Taiwan. "Beijing is willing to discuss on the issue with Taiwan according to the 'one-China' principle if it wins the bid. But any decision on the issue needs an IOC approval beforehand," he said.

Invited by COC, the CTOC will send a delegation to Beijing this June on a familiarization visit to Beijing's Olympic bid.

Press reports from Taiwan say that the official of CTOC wished to sponsor some of the 2008 Games events for it is popularly believed that the co-hosting of the games will greatly benefit Taiwan. From the economic point of view, it will provide Taiwan with many commercial opportunities. In regard with the sports it will promote sports exchanges, and will enhance reconciliation and cooperation between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits so far as the political aspect is concerned.

(People's Daily 05/15/2001)