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Beijing Builds Super-size Formula Race Field

Jingang Auto Square, China's extra-large motor racing field, which is currently under construction, is scheduled to be completed this August and put into use soon afterwards.

Within a large square of 450,000 square meters there will be an auto trading hall, a car franchise hall, an exhibition hall of car models, an auto museum, a base for popularizing auto sciences and an international-standard field of super-short raceway. It is an investment totaling 380 million yuan, said a person in charge. So far, it is an economic entity, the best motor racing field with a huge investment and best equipment in China.

As cars are becoming popular in the everyday life of the people of modern times, more motor activities in various ways like auto entertainment, cross-country venture by car and motor racing are introduced to and favored by the Chinese people. This square will be positioned to serve for auto sports, auto-cultural communication and recreation.

The 2.5-km-long raceway round a lake can be used for a short-way auto rally, leg race of international rally, training, match and entertainment for auto fans. Besides, the square also contains a 3.8-km-long tar raceway, a race-field of karting race, indoor and outdoor motorcycle steeplechase. Furthermore, the race-field is also available for a formula race.

As reported the China Auto Association has listed the square as a racing center for a large national auto championship to be held in this November.

(People's Daily 05/31/2001)