After years of experiments and practice, a social security framework with Chinese characteristics has taken initial shape. However, China still has a long way to go to develop its social security services to a satisfactory level. The aging of the population will put more pressure on the old-age pension and medicare expenditure, while the progress of urbanization will make the establishment and improvement of a social security system covering both urban and rural areas more urgent. More employees of non-state-owned businesses and people employed in a flexible manner will be covered by the social insurance system as employment forms become more diversified. All this will raise new requirements for the smooth operation of China’s social security system and for the establishment of a long-term mechanism which will ensure the sustainable development of the social security services.

To press ahead with the improvement of the social security system is an important task for the Chinese government in its efforts to build a moderately prosperous society in a comprehensive way. The increase in China’s overall economic strength as a result of the sustained, rapid, coordinated and healthy development of China’s national economy, the implementation of the scientific concept of overall, coordinated and sustainable development, and a social security system suited to China’s national conditions and established after many years of exploration, will pave the way for China’s social security system to develop continuously. In the years to come, the Chinese people will benefit more from the nation’s development and progress, and enjoy more plentiful fruits of its material civilization.