Part Three: Strengthen China-EU Cooperation in All Fields
IV. The Social, Judicial and Administrative Aspects

1. Cooperation in Labor and Social Security

China and the EU should strengthen cooperation on employment of legal immigrants and protection of the rights and interests of migrant workers and enhance coordination in international labor affairs. The two sides will negotiate and conclude a bilateral social security agreement and implement their joint social security cooperation program as well as broaden exchanges in social insurance of various kinds.

2. Exchange in Judicial Field

It is necessary to continue with the China-EU cooperation program in the legal and judicial fields based on equality and mutual respect, broaden related areas of cooperation, enhance exchanges in judicial reform and other key areas and explore cooperation with respect to administration of justice in combating cross border crimes. The two sides should do more in sharing experience of legal supervision and explore the possibility of establishing a mechanism of annual meeting between their high-level judicial officials.

3. Cooperation in Police Affairs

The Chinese side will establish and strengthen exchanges with relevant EU agencies and EUROPOL, broaden substantial cooperation with law-enforcement organs of EU members and step up coordination in case handling and information sharing within their respective legal framework. The two sides should support and actively participate in UN peacekeeping and other activities.

4. Cooperation in Public Administration

China and the EU should share experience in transforming government functions and deepening personnel management reform, discuss the establishment of a China-EU cooperation mechanism on personnel and administrative management and conduct exchanges in civil service system building and human resources development.