Countrymen Mourn for Missing Pilot

People in Huzhou, hometown of Wang Wei, a pilot who went missing following a mid-air collision between a U.S. spy plane and a Chinese fighter jet on April 1, have expressed that they will learn the lofty patriotic and heroic spirit of the pilot in the struggle to safeguard the country's sovereignty and national dignity.

The Navy Committee of the Communist Party of China endorsed Wang Wei as a martyr Saturday after learning that there is no possibility for him to return alive.

Local people from all walks of life expressed that they will convert their grief and indignation into enthusaism in building up their hometown and their country.

They said they will work hard to improve the nation's economic strength, the strength of national defense and the cohesive strength of the Chinese nation.

Wang Wei is the pride of the people of Huzhou and a good example for local people and government officials to learn from, said Si Xinliang, secretary of the Huzhou City Committee of the Communist Party of China.

Leng Yuefang, a former teacher of Wang Wei, said Wang was an excellent student and a youth with ideal and ambition. "We are sorrowful to lose such an excellent student," she said.

Wang Wei's classmate Pan Jun said, "We lost a good brother. But he will live in our hearts forever."

(People's Daily 04/16/2001)


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