The Potala Palace
Lamas Blowing Horns to Greet Distinguished Guests
Horse Racing During the Ongkor Festival
Tibetan Medical Codes

Agricultural Science

Zhang Zengxiang, et al, Remote-Sensing Monitoring and Comprehensive Evaluation on the Resources Environment in the Middle Area of the Tibet Autonomous Region, Astronautic Publishing House, January 1998. 188 pp. Illus. 26 cm. ISBN 7-80144-066-8.

This book represents one of the research results of the remote-sensing monitoring of the middle area of Tibet. It systemically discusses the investigation on the land resources and dynamic monitoring of mountain areas under the medium area scale by using remote-sensing and geographical information technology, and space quantitative method for overall evaluation of the regional ecological environment. Through the building of math models, concepts of hydro-thermal dynamics, soil erosion, land covering, terrain and landform, and ecological environment indices were put forward and multi-element data were used to evaluate regional ecological environment and soil erosion. Eight chapters: including remote-sensing method for getting data for special subjects; establishment of an environmental evaluation index system, factor analysis for environmental evaluation; model for comprehensive environmental evaluation and dynamic monitoring for resources environment.

Meteorological Station and Science and Technology Commission of Qamdo Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region, Agricultural Climate Resources of the Three River Area in East Tibet and Their Comprehensive Exploitation and Utilization, Meteorological Press, Beijing, April 1996. 98 pp. Illus. 26 cm. ISBN 7-5029-1977-5.

Compiled on the basis of meteorology, climatology, agricultural meteorology and forestry meteorology, with reference to the annually accumulated meteorological data of Qamdo Prefecture and the local practical agricultural, animal husbandry and forestry conditions. Introduces the time-space distribution of climate resources in the three_ river area in east Tibet and puts forward the local advantages in the exploitation and utilization of the agricultural climate resources and measures for developing a high-output, fine-quality and high-efficiency agriculture, animal husbandry and forestry and famous local products.

Yu Jie, ed, The Soil in Doilungdeqen County of the Tibet Autonomous Region, Southwest Normal University Press, Chongqing, August 1997. 147 pp. Illus. 26 cm. ISBN 7-5621-1761-6.

Seven chapters elaborating soil formation conditions and [JP2] features, pattern of soil distribution, types of soil, physico-[JP] chemical proper ties of the soil, soil utilization and amelioration and rational exploitation of soil resources.

* * *

Xu Fengxiang and Zhao Bin, Forestry Ecological Landscape on the Tibetan Plateau, Chinese Forestry Publishing House, Beijing, September 1997. 135 pp. Illus. 26 cm. ISBN 7-5038-1633-3. Hardcover. Chinese-English bilingual edition.

An album with color pictures introducing the humid areas suitable for animal and plant growth in the valleys of southeast Tibet and the south slope of the Himalayas. Forestry vegetation of different climate zones are found in the slope with a vertical difference of height between 2,000 and 3,000 meters, which is rare in other parts of China and even in the world. The color photos were taken in southeast Tibet and the forest areas of south Tibet in the 1970s.

Zhong Xianghao, et al, Study on the Forest Ecological System in the Gongga Mountains, Chengdu University of Science and Technology Press, Chengdu, December 1997. 172 pp. Illus. 26 cm. ISBN 7-5616-3537-0.

Seven chapters: detailed study and analysis on the ecological environment of the forest eco-system and its classification, structure, primary succession, species diversity, etc. in the Gongga Mountains; elaboration of the hydrological effect of the forest eco-system in the subalpine coniferous forest region; analysis on the fragility of the forest eco-system of the Gongga Mountains and the forest eco-system degeneration and problems of eco-environment caused by the irrational utilization of the forest, etc.

Forestry Bureau and Institute of Forestry Sciences of Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, Dendro-Geography and Resources in Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Science and Technology Publishing House, Chengdu, May 1997. 246 pp. Illus. 26 cm. ISBN 7-5364-3230-5.

Eight chapters: expounding the zonality of forest distribution, the spatial pattern of forest types, and the present conditions and characteristics of the forest resources in Garze Prefecture; distribution of main trees and the 17 kinds of trees of economic value; suggestion on the management of trees; etc. With a list of trees in different zones.

* * *

Dzorge Oiser, Common Tibetan Methods for Veterinarian Diagnosis and Treatment, Sichuan Ethnic Publishing House, Chengdu, May 1996. 282 pp. 19 cm. ISBN 7-5409-1185-9.

Three sections: methods of veterinarian diagnosis, treatment and practical Tibetan medicine.

Lobsang Leco and Dawa, A Practical Tibetan Veterinarian Handbook (two volumes), Tibetan People's Publishing House, Lhasa, August 1997. 371 and 174 pp. Illus. 20 cm. ISBN 7-223-00990-X. Tibetan-Chinese bilingual edition, with Tibetan translation by the authors.

Seven chapters: introducing diagnosis methods and technologies of common diseases for livestock and conception of microbiology, diagnosis technologies and prevention measures for the common infectious diseases of livestock, key points for use and preservation of common veterinarian and biological medicines and folk treating methods popular among Han-Chinese people.

General-Interest Books

Collection of Essays

Sungsang Chusum, Collected Works of Sungsang Chusum (Vols. I and II), Sichuan Ethnic Publishing House, Chengdu, May 1999. 568 and 640 pp. Illus. 26 cm. ISBN 7-5409-2135-8.

The author was a renowned Tibetan Buddhist scholar of the 11th century. He wrote about 60 books but only 3 of them remain extant, most of the essays about Tibetan Buddhist Tantra.

Tsongkhapa, Collected Works of Tsongkhapa (Books 1, 4-5, 6-7, 8, 11-12, 15-16, 19), Qinghai Ethnic Publishing House, Xining, May 1998-April 2000. Seven volumes (949, 1,059, 762, 605, 708, 937 and 588 pp). Illus. 26 cm. ISBN 7-5420-0831-5. ISBN 7-5420-0706-8, ISBN 7-5420-0695-9, ISBN 7-5420-0658-4, ISBN 7-5420-0832-3, ISBN 7-5420-0696-7, ISBN 7-5420-0810-2. Hardcover.

Tsongkhapa (1357-1419) was the founder of the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism. His works have been published in many different editions and their compilation is not identical. This series is based on the Kumbum Monastery edition. 19 books, arranged in the order of Tibetan alphabet. Books 3-12 are a general account of Tantra and about five Vajra bodhisattvas: Guhyasamaja (Tib: Sangdu), Samvara (Tib.: Demchok), Yamantaka (Tib: Dorje Jigje), Hevajra (Tib: Kye Dorje) and Kalachakra (Tib.: Dukor). Books 13-18 are a general account of Exoterism and a discussion of its Madhyamika-shastra and Abhisamamayalankara. Part of the Collected Works of Tsongkhapa has been listed in the Catalogue of Chinese Publications in Tibetan Studies (1949-1991 and 1992-1995).

Tsongkhapa and Khedrup Je, Collected Works of Tsongkhapa and His Disciple Khedrup Je, Gansu Ethnic Publishing House, Lanzhou, February 1999, 546 pp. 20 cm. ISBN 7-5421-0637-6. Gems of Tibetan Ancient Books Series.

"Fifty Verses," "Sramanera (male religious novice) Disciplines" and "Bhiksu (religious mendicant) Disciplines" by Tsongkhapa, and "Three Monastic Disciplines" by Khedrup Je.

The Second Jamyang Hutuktu Jigme Wangpo, Collected Letters of Jigme Wangpo, Qinghai Ethnic Publishing House, Xining, May 1996. 119 pp. 18 cm. ISBN 7-5420-0545-6.

46 letters written by Jigme Wangpo (1728-1791), an eminent Tibetan scholar, of which 11 were to State Preceptor Changkya Hutuktu of the Qing court, worth reading for reference in studying Qing's policy toward Tibet.

Gungthang Lodro Gyatso, Selected Works of Master Gungthang Lodro, Gansu Ethnic Publishing House, Lanzhou, February 1999. 283 pp. 20 cm. ISBN 7-5421-0638-4. Selected Tibetan Ancient Books Series.

A collection of 9 treatises on Buddhism by Gungthang Lodro Gyatso (1851-1930), covering a wide range of topics, including "The Great Exposition of the Stages on the Path to Enlightenment," "Abhisamayalamkara (The Ornament of Clear Realization)" and "Abhidharmakosha-shastra."

Jamyang Sherab Choskyi Langwa, Collected Works of Jamyang Sherab Choskyi Langwa, Sichuan Ethnic Publishing House, Chengdu, October 1999. 199 pp. 20 cm. ISBN 7-5409-2241-9. Tarthang Monastery Ancient Books Series.

Jamyang Sherab Choskyi Langwa (1854-1893) was the fifth Khenpo abbot of the renowned Tarthang Monastery in Baiyu County, Garze Prefecture of Sichuan Province. The book contains four articles, covering biography, astronomy, calendar studies, and rhetoric.

Chak Gelong Tsultrim Dargye, Selected Works by Chak Gelong Tsultrim Dargye, Qinghai Ethnic Publishing House, Xining, September 1997. 174 pp. Illus. 20 cm. ISBN 7-5420-0656-8. Golog Prefecture Ancient Books Series.

20 articles on Buddhism by the author (1866-1937). 2 parts: "Hymns" and "Words for Sacrificial Rituals." With "Ways of Worshipping Yidam in Accordance with Praises for 100 Buddhas in Tusita."

Ozer Geshe, Collected Works of Ozer Geshe, Gansu Ethnic Publishing House, Lanzhou, February 1998, 310 pp. 20 cm. ISBN 7-5421-0569-8. Qinghai Ethnic Minorities Ancient Books Series.

Four articles by Ozer Geshe (1868-1959), an eminent Tibetan scholar: "Prayers," "Moral Instructions," "Moral Songs," and "Cultivation of the Mind." With a brief biography of the author.

Shesa Lodro Gyatso, Collected Works of Shesa Lodro Gyatso, Qinghai Ethnic Publishing House, Xining, July 1997. 840 pp. Illus. 20 cm. ISBN 7-5420-0632-0. Hardcover.

Articles by Shesa Lodro Gyatso (1890-?): "On Mandala," "Catalogue of the Mind on the Path to Enlightenment," "Main Points of Bodhicaryavatara," "Notes of 'Diamond Necklace Initiation,'" "Refutation," and articles on Tibetan Grammar, and letters with notes, of which "On Mandala" is distinctive in analogy, modification and expression.

Golog Prefecture Tibetan Language Office, ed, Selected Works by Eda Jangdril, Qinghai Ethnic Publishing House, Xining, January 2000, 456 pp. 20 cm. ISBN 7-5420-0883-8. Golog Prefecture Ancient Books Series.

More than 20 articles by Eda Jangdril Dondrup Dorje (1892-1960), an incarnate lama of Kathog Monastery in Sichuan's Garze Prefecture, including prayers, hymns, the Madhyamika-shastra, Hetuvidya, Sila and Vinaya, Explanation of Dharani, and Prayoga.

Gya Shedrung, Collected Works of Gya Shedrung, Gansu Ethnic Publishing House, Lanzhou, September 1998, 799 pp. Illus. 20 cm. ISBN 7-5421-0604- X.

50 articles by Gya Shedrung (1896-1960), alias Nomihan Kelsang Konchog Gyatso, who was the Third Changkya Shedrung Jamyang Geden Gyatso Hutuktu, and the 34th Khenpo of the Labrang Monastery. Including "An Explanation of Mandala," "Monastic Discipline of Ganden Shedrup Drashi Jungnay Monastery," "Amitabha on Fire Service Ritual," "Concise Guru Yoga," "Sacrificial Worship to the Dangli Mountain God," "Essence of Kalachakra Calendar," and "Secret History of Master Konchok Jigme Sangyepal Sangpo."

Golog Prefecture Compilation and Translation Bureau, ed, Selected Works of Sungrab, Qinghai Ethnic Publishing House, Xining, April 1996. 562 pp. 20 cm. ISBN 7-5420-0547-2.Golog Prefecture Ancient Books Series.

24 articles by Sungrab (1903-1957), a well-known Buddhist scholar in Qinghai Golog Prefecture, most of them being on Esoteric doctrine and a few on Exoteric Buddhism. With a brief biography of the author.

Morgai Samten, The Collected Works of Morgai Samten (Vols.1-6), Qinghai Ethnic Publishing House, Xining, April 1997. 713, 930, 879, 558, 616 and 785 pp. Illus. 20 cm. ISBN 7-5420-0623-1, ISBN 7-5420-0624-X, ISBN 7-5420-0625-8, ISBN 7-5420-0626-6, ISBN 7-5420-0627-4, ISBN 7-5420-0628-2. Harcover.

The author (1913-1993) is a contemporary Tibetan scholar. Vol. 1:"Biography of Jigme Trinley Gyatso," "Biography of Kelsang Paljor Sangpo," "Biography of Tsoshi Shonnu," and "The author's Autobiography." Vol. 2: detailed annotations to three sutras: "Abhisamamayalankara ," "Abhidharmakosha Sastra," and "Tathagatagarbha Sastra." Vol. 3: several theses, such as "Tibetan History and Culture." Vol. 4: two works on poetry and phonetics. Vol. 5: grammar. Vol. 6: "The ABC of Hetuvidya" and some notes.

Horkhang Sonam Palbar, Selected Works of Horkhang Sonam Palbar, China Tibetology Publishing House, Beijing, September 1999. 677 pp. Illus. 20 cm. ISBN 7-80057-386-9. Hardcover. Selected Works of Contemporary Scholars.

Horkhang Sonam Palbar (1919-1994) was a renowned Tibetan scholar.

A collection of 30 theses, covering Tibetan history, culture, religion, language, literature, education and other aspects. With an article by Ngapo Ngawang Jigme on the author's life.

Shardong, Collected Works of Shardong (Vols. 1-6). Qinghai Ethnic Publishing House, Xining, March 1998-July 1999. 782, 1,127, 966, 856, 958, 627 pp. Illus. 20 cm. ISBN 7-5420-0654-1, ISBN 7-5420-0685-1, ISBN 7-5420-0688-6, ISBN 7-5420-0708-4, ISB N 7-5420-0699-1, ISBN 7-5420-0840-4. Hardcover.

The author (1922-) is the Sixth Shardong Trulku of the Jakyung Monastery in Qinghai. His original name is Losang Shedrup Gyatso and he took Jigme Damcho Gyatso and Tseten Shedrung as teachers and was ordained into monkhood by Lakhod Lama and Lama Sherab Gyatso. Six volumes, composed mainly of annotations to eight Kadam sect classical works and teaching materials for the main chapters of Tsongkhapas The Great Exposition of the Stages on the Path to Enlightenment.

Lama Lharampa, Collected Works of Lama Lharampa (Vol. I), Gansu Ethnic Publishing House, Lanzhou, August 1997. 545 pp. Illus. 20 cm. ISBN 7-5421-0534-5.

A collection of 20 works of the author, Lharampa Ngawang Phuntsok (1922-), including his instructions, annotations to sutras, and his random thoughts on reading sutras.

Champa Trinley, Selected Works of Champa Trinley , China Tibetology Publishing House, Beijing, July 1996. 599 pp. Illus. 20 cm. ISBN 7-80057-283-8 Hardcover.

17 theses on traditional Tibetan medicine by Champa Trinley, renowned traditional Tibetan medical expert. They are his research results achieved over the past ten years, about the formation and development of traditional Tibetan medicine, brief biographies of 100 renowned traditional Tibetan physicians, various charts and diagrams of Tibetan medicine, contributions made by Tibetan medicine to the human beings and Tibetan physicians traditional morals, and the wall charts for "Four Medical Classics."

Dongkar Lozang Trinley, Selected Works of Dongkar Lozang Trinley, China Tibetology Publishing House, Beijing, December 1997. 632 pp. Illus. and charts. 20 cm. ISBN 7-80057-331-1. Hardcover.

Dongkar Lozang Trinley (1927-1997) was a renowned contemporary Tibetan scholar. 20 theses published in different academic journals, covering many aspects including history, religion, linguistics, education and the compilation of ancient books, among which "The Merging of Religious and Secular Rule in Tibet" has been revised by the author.

Dorshi, Collected Works of Dorshi, Ethnic Publishing House, Beijing, November 1996. 433 pp. 20 cm. ISBN 7-105-02626-X


21 academic articles by contemporary Tibetologist Dorshi, involving history, literature, Hetuvidya (Buddhist logic), religion and grammar.

Kangkar Tsultrim Kelsang, Selected Works of Kangkar Tsultrim Kelsang, China Tibetology Publishing House, Beijing, January 1999. 893 pp. Illus. and charts. 20 cm. ISBN 7-80057-332-X. Hardcover.

The author is a renowned Tibetan scholar in Japan. Two parts. Part 1: history of Indian Buddhism and Part 2: a textual research on the years of the First Diffusion of Buddhism in Tibet.

Geshe Yeshe Wangchuk, Collected Works of Geshe Yeshe Wangchuk (Vol. 1), Gansu Ethnic Publishing House, Lanzhou, September 1999. 438 pp. Illus. 26 cm. ISBN 7-5421-0682-1.

The author is a contemporary renowned Buddhist scholar. The book contains the annotations to the first two chapters of "Pramanavarttika Karika."

Dondrupgyal (Dunzhijia), The Complete Works of Dondrupgyal (six volumes), Ethnic Publishing House, Beijing, August 1997-December 1997. 251, 401, 601, 524, 348 and 457 pp. Illus. 20 cm. ISBN 7-105-02812-2, ISBN 7-105-02813-0, ISBN 7-105-02814-9, ISBN 7-105-02815-7, ISBN 7-105-02825-4, ISBN 7-105-02826-2. Hardcover.

Dondrupgyal (1953-1985), contemporary Tibetan scholar, writer and poet. Vol. 1: 20 works, such as "Explanations on Ramayana, " "Stories in Poems," "Ode to Wise Men," "Morning in the Grassland," "A Dream Without Illusion," and "White Clouds." Vol. 2: 15 short stories, including "Secret Worries," "The Surging Feelings," "The Stubborn Old Man," "The Ballad Singer," "Dreams," and "A Story About a Trip to the Tubo Tsenpo Mausoleums." Vol. 3: 15 theses on Tibetology, such as "Ancient Tibetan Education," "Random Thoughts on Tibetan Historiography," "Dunhuang-A Treasure-house of Ancient Culture and Art," "A Brief Account of Ancient Tibetan Post-Staging System," "A Brief Discussion of the Division of Administrative Areas and the Official Ranks in Ancient Tibet," "A Brief Biography of Tubo Tsenpo Trisong Detsen," and "The Origin, Development and Characteristics of Religious Songs." Vol. 4: the author's 12 translation works, such as "Sakuntala," an Indian opera translated into Tibetan from a Chinese version, "Chapter on Tubo in the Old History of the Tang Dynasty" "Chapter on Tubo in the New History of the Tang Dynasty," "Magic Flute," "Battle Song of Daqing," and "Poetry Tides," translated in collaboration with Chen Qingying. Vol. 5: explanations and annotations to six famous works, i.e. "A Commentary on Records of Tibetan Kings and Ministers," "Annotations to Records of Tibetan Kings and Ministers," "A Commentary on Biography of Milarepa," "Annotations to Biography of Milarepa," "A Commentary on Ramayana," (unfinished) and "Annotations to Ramayana." Vol. 6: five prose works, and "Textbook of Literary Theory," "An Informal Talk on the Tubo History," and a collection of letters.

* * *

Sapan Kunga Gyeltsen, A New Explanation on Sapan's "Elementary Knowledge for Wise Men," Sichuan Ethnic Publishing House, Chengdu, August 1998. 373 pp. 19 cm. ISBN 7-5409-2089-0. Annotations by Tashi Chophel and Ngawang Chodrak.

Elementary Knowledge for Wise Men (already included in the Catalogue of Chinese Publications in Tibetan Studies, 1949-1991, published by the Foreign Languages Press in 1994) was written by Sapan Kunga Gyeltsen (1182-1251), the great scholar of the Sakya sect of Tibetan Buddhism. This New Explanation is composed of three parts. Part 1: the text of Elementary Knowledge for Wise Men, describing that wise men should attain achievements in teaching, debating and writing. Part 2: annotations to the original text, written by Tashi Chophel. Part 3: annotations by Sakya Khenche Ngawang Chodrak


Chari Kalsang Thongmey, Questions and Answers on the Ten Aspects of Knowledge, Gansu Ethnic Publishing House, Lanzhou, December 1999. 192 pp. 20 cm. ISBN 7-5421-0680-5. Questions and Answers Series.

The book illuminates 73 thorny questions emerging in the ten aspects of knowledge in a question-and-answer form.

Asanga, Selected Works in Tibetan (Vol. XXIV): Bodhi Pure Land, Ethnic Publishing House, Beijing, May 1997. 571 pp. 20 cm. ISBN 7-105-02748-7. Translation by Dzagyal Wama and Yeshe De.

A combination of ancient Indian Buddhist master Dzagyal Wama's "Yogacharya Pure Land: Bhodi Pure Land" and Arhat Dharmarakcha's "Dharmasangiti Sutra." Published on the basis of Derge and Narthang block editions.

Gyatsotren, Selected Works in Tibetan (Vol. XXV): Bodhi Pure Land, Ethnic Publishing House, Beijing, July 1997. 750 pp. 20 cm. ISBN 7-105-02747-9. Translation by Chanta Batra and Tsultrim Jewa.

A commentary on the ancient Indian Buddhist master Dzagyal Wama's "Bohdi Pure Land," with detailed notes on the sutra. Published on the basis of Derge and Narthang block editions.

Selected Works in Tibetan (Vol. XXVI): Selected "Buddha Words" Collected by Dharmatrata, Ethnic Publishing House, Beijing, November 1998. 860 pp. 20 cm. ISBN 7-105-03023-2. Annotations by Dzagyal Wama; translation by Shakya Lodro.

The title of the Chinese translation version of the book is Fa Ji Yao Song Jing. With detailed annotations and commentary by Dzagyal Wama.

Maitreya/Asanga, Selected Works in Tibetan (Vol. XXVII): A Commentary on Abhisamayalamkara, Ethnic Publishing House, Beijing, October 1998. 520 pp. 20 cm. ISBN 7-105-03024-0.

Detailed annotations and commentary on two of Maitreya's five works: Abhisamamayalankara and Tathagatagarbha Sastra.

Sheldrong Lodro, Selected Works in Tibetan (Vol. XXVIII): Annotations to Bodhisattvacaryavatara, Ethnic Publishing House, Beijing, January 2000. 534 pp. 20 cm. ISBN 7-105-03615-X.

Detailed annotation and explanation to the main points and difficult points in Bodhisattvacaryavatara, a famous work written by the eighth century Indian poet and saint Shantideva.

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