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Mainland and HK Severely Criticize Chen's Secession Move
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The Chinese mainland said on Tuesday that despite strong opposition from people across the Taiwan Straits and the international community Taiwan leader, Chen Shui-bian, had declared that the "National Unification Council" would "cease to function" and the guidelines on unification would "cease to apply."


Chen didn't use the word "abolish" but said "cease." "It's just a play on words as his real intention is to cheat the Taiwan public and the world," the Taiwan Work Office of the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee and the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council said in a joint statement.


The statement said that Chen's scheme on "Taiwan independence" was obviously known to all. He actually sped up activities for "independence" by using the word "cease" and referring to the "National Unification Council"and the "National Unification Guidelines."


But lying to the world doesn't involve changing the status quo. He maliciously challenged the cross-Straits peace and caused great tension in bilateral relationships by suggesting that "the mainland poses threat to Taiwan." The statement said Chen closed the door to cross-Straits consultation and was selfishly imposing the nightmare of "Taiwan independence" advocated by a few people on the 23 million Taiwan people, yet he calls it "respects the free choice of Taiwan people."


"The level and danger of 'Taiwan independence' activities promoted by Chen Shui-bian continues to rise," said the joint statement, "Such tricks of Chen Shui-bian have already been seen through by the world. He will only end up hurting himself in this farce."


The statement emphasizes again that the mainland will resolutely oppose Chen's efforts to legitimize "Taiwan independence" by his "constitutional reforms." It's now considered to be among the most important and urgent tasks of the Chinese government. "If his aim is achieved, it will inevitably create intense tension of cross-Straits relations and gravely imperil peace and stability across the Taiwan Straits and in the Asia-Pacific region in general," continued the statement.


Chen's attempts are doomed to fail and will only result in big disasters for Taiwan's society because "Taiwan independence" goes against everything in mainstream Chinese history. And "it's against the will and wishes of 1.3 billion Chinese people," the statement pointed out. It also calls on Taiwan's people to assist in preventing Chen's efforts, and maintain and promote both sides' economic and cultural communions, peaceful and stable relations between the two sides and promote peaceful unification.


"We'll never tolerate 'Taiwan independence' or allow Taiwan secessionist activities to separate Taiwan from the motherland in name or in any other way," said the statement.


Chen Shui-bian announced in Taipei Monday afternoon a decision to stop the operations of the "National Unification Council" and application of the National Unification Guidelines soon after the so-called "Meeting of National Security Council."


Taiwan's major Parties, including Chinese Kuomintang, the People First Party and Non-Partisan Solidarity Union, major associations and other groupings had strongly opposed and criticized Chen's proposal before he took this recent action.


Taiwan businessmen, who have funded 68,095 projects on the mainland with investments of US$89.69 billion to the end of last year, were worried about possible repercussions. The United States, Taiwan's major arms supplier, had also pressed Chen not to scrap the Council fearing this could lead to "Taiwan independence" problems. Washington reiterated that it "does not support Taiwan's independence and opposes unilateral changes to the status quo."


Major Hong Kong newspapers carried editorials on Monday criticizing the secession activities of Chen Shui-bian.


The Chinese language Takungpao printed an editorial titled "Chen's 'NUC'-Abolishing Attempts to Destroy Peaceful Cross-Straits Situation." It said that recent developments suggested that Chen had decided to go his own way but will "run into a blank wall." The editorial added that although public opinion, the majority of political parties and figures were opposed to Chen's stance he was not listening to the views of others.


The newspaper said that in the last six years Chen had made constant references to "Taiwan Independence." He not only wanted to abolish the "NUC" but also break promises made on May 20, 2000. All these facts clearly displayed that Chen was an illogical gambler.


Wen Wei Po warned Chen in an editorial that he would get burnt if he played with fire. The newspaper said Chen's recent statements proved he was the biggest troublemaker in cross-Straits relations for Taiwan and to the entire Asia Pacific Region. It added that his crazy challenging acts would surely endanger the peace and stability across the Taiwan Straits. His acts would be strongly opposed by all Chinese in the world and he was doomed to failure. 


The daily said Chen's dangerous comments on abolishing the "NUC" was a  rapid escalation of his secession activities. The "Taiwan independence" secession activities were the biggest source of turmoil in the area and were a threat to cross-Straits relations.


The editorial urged Chen "to wake up to and avoid danger at the last moment."


Hong Kong Commercial Daily's editorial, titled "Chen's extravagant gambling is doomed to failure," said Chen's backing for the abolishment of the "NUC" was a gamble…putting a bet on the happiness, welfare and future of Taiwan compatriots and the peace and stability across the Taiwan Straits.


The article said Chen's position was against the will of Taiwan compatriots and it would lead to nothing but failure.


Hong Kong Economic Times said in its editorial that Chen's hastening towards "Taiwan independence" was an extravagant bet on peace.


The editorial said the earlier bribe scandal and poor governance of Chen's Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) would not allow the party to succeed in the coming elections so this was an effort  to transfer public attention away from a number of issues. If his attempts succeeded on this occasion he would simply do more to promote his "Taiwan independence" ideas.


(Xinhua News Agency, February 28, 2006)

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