Legislators to Step Up Supervisory Work

Legislators will strengthen supervisory work this year by prodding governments to solve problems related to people's livelihood and social stability, the nation's top legislator said yesterday in his work report.

Also, the National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Committee will examine the implementation of three laws on land administration, on agriculture, and on contracts of rural land which are vital to guarantee farmers' interests, said Wu Bangguo, chairman of the NPC Standing Committee.

Chinese legislators perform their supervisory duties by monitoring law enforcement and hearing work reports of the governments, courts and procuratorates.

As China strives to become a resources-efficient and environmentally-friendly country, legislators will focus on laws concerning energy saving, pollution treatment and prevention of water pollution, said Wu.

Legislators usually report problems they find during their inspection to government departments, which are required by law to give them feedback.

For example, the NPC Standing Committee checked laws on coal mine safety and safe production last year after a string of major accidents, and legislators urged the State Council to "to cut the number of big gas explosion accidents by a large margin in two years."

Responding to the call, the government closed more than 5,000 unlicensed and unsafe coal mines, said Wu.

On the legislation plan for this year, Wu said the NPC Standing Committee would review 25 laws, including the law on property rights.

Laws on bankruptcy of enterprises, handling of emergencies, labour contracts, quality and safety of agricultural products, and passports will be drafted and reviewed this year, said Wu.

Laws on compulsory education, protection of juvenile persons and budgets will be revised, he said.

Wu also promised to promote democracy in the legislation process.

"We will continue to publicize law drafts to collect suggestions and hold more public hearings on bills which concern the people," said Wu.

(China Daily March 10, 2006)

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