The Tragedy of Falun Gong Practitioners
The Chinese Public Denounces Falun Gong

The self-immolations in Tian'anmen Square last week caught the world's attention. While expressing sorrow for the victims and the attempted suicides, people in China are condemning the evil cult Falun Gong and its leader Li Hongzhi.

Feng Jinyuan, Religious Research Director of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said: "I think those who set themsleves on fire in Tian'anmen Square on Lunar New Year's Eve were motivated by Li Hongzhi's heresy. If self-immolation would lead to perfection, then I would say master Li Hongzhi would have been a butcher and killer. It is his preachings that have spurred his infatuated believers to conduct tragedies."

Feng Jinyuan says that Falun Gong is anti-human, anti-society and anti-science and is a cult. He said Falun Dafa is a heresy disguised in religious words. He said Li Hongzhi has distorted religion and fabricated the story of the coming of the end of the world. Feng says the cult leader has been trying to intimidate his believers spiritually so as to control them by letting them practice and meditate what he has invented.

After seeing the documentary on the self-immolations in Tian'anmen Square on the big screen in front of the Beijing West Railway Station, passengers expressed their indignation.

A passenger said: "I think the central government should crack down on the Falun Gong cult and take resolute action to fight against the inhuman activities. We should publicise the incidents to let more people understand the evil and cruel face of Li Hongzhi."

Another passenger said: "Li Hongzhi and his followers wanted to use this incident to make Falun Gong a focus of public attention. This really is a damage to innocent people."

The general public are condemning the cruel and evil side of the Falun Gong cult.

(China Central Television 01/30/2001)